Jet setting off to the islands – Hawaiian Escape!

I am super excited because the other day I booked a last minute ticket to Hawaii! My cousin lives in Oahu and I have been in dire need of a vacation (I don’t think I could have lasted another week at work without some kind of break!). I found a deal on and I just went for it and booked it! Since I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel, it didn’t end up being that expensive! I am leaving tonight, and I packed my bags this morning so last minute. I am wearing these gypsy harem pants with flowers and prints that my boyfriend’s mom brought me from Jordan, with a black tank top and some gold sandals from Forever21. I can’t wait for sun, beach, and relaxation! I am planning on spending most of my time at the beach, relaxing by myself, and possibly going to a spa or something!  It is my goal to watch the sun set each night, and I will be taking my Nikon with me, so be ready for some nice photographs! 

I had been feeling guilty to take time off because I have so much work to do in lab, but I went the entire summer without a break (except for a random forced day off because I wasn’t feeling good due to stress, and hence my lack of frequent posts this summer). I have super overly stressed, and it has been affecting my health, so this was a necessary trip. As a grad student you can take time off when you want as long as you let your advisor know. I knew he wouldn’t have a problem with me leaving for a few days since I have been working so hard, but it has just been self-imposed guilt about missing work. It just so happens that this weekend is Labor Day weekend as well, so I am technically only missing two days of work (Thursday and Friday, Monday is the holiday, and I will be back at work on Tuesday!). Score! Get my vacation, and get to sooth my work/vacation guilt, especially since I am at work today, I will leave tonight and arrive in Hawaii tonight 🙂 Can’t wait to explore the beach tomorrow! Hopefully these 5 days in paradise will reset my brain and I can come back to work refreshed!

What I packed …. mostly bikinis, sunscreen, and sunglasses…! Woohoo!

Bikinis I am packing: Beach Bunny, L*SPACE, Victoria’s Secret (I packed a total of 5, one for each day, hehe!).

Now I am just antsy to get through this short work day to get to the airport. I want to be in Waikiki already!!

Have you ever booked a last minute vacation getaway by yourself? How was it?!

xo, A



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