What I'm wearing right now! Hawaii-to-Airport-to-Lab Fashion

Here’s a preview of what I wore to the airport in Hawaii for my flight back to LA! 

I had a crazy couple of hours leaving Hawaii; it was a pretty chill day, I spent the day with my cousin at the beach, and after laying in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear blue waters, we went shopping at a local store called Local Fever; I bought 70 dollars worth of clothes and jewelry, and let me tell you I got a lot of pieces! One of the dresses I bouht was this mint green patterned Maxi dress with these strappy black heeled sandals. It was beautiful! I decided to wear this on the plane. 

I had a red eye (overnight) flight back to LA (5-6 hr flight), landing at 5 am. Since my friend had my only key copy to take care of my cat and I had a meeting at 9 am, so  I went straight to lab right after landing in LA. I needed something that was lab appropriate and covered my legs. The Maxi dress was great, it was very long and covered my feet – and when I got to lab I changed into my sneakers. While not the most fashionable combination, it did the job for when I was working in the lab and then I could easily switch back to my sandals when getting lunch. I bought some more cute dresses and tops, I will post full outfit posts soon about these outfits! What do you think?

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