Florals in June – Summer is officially here!

Happy June! 

Everyone talks about how fast time is flying, but jeeze! It is already summer and I am finishing up my 4th year of graduate school! I can’t believe that I am getting closer and closer to finishing! Becoming a senior graduate student is rather frightening, but at the same time super cool, as I am much more wiser and knowledgable than I was 4 years ago! And I can say I am feeling rather ready to get a well paying job to finally make some moolah! 

Well, anyway, this past weekend was beautiful, the weather in LA was nice, and I hung out with a bunch of different groups of friends — I got brunch in West Hollywood on Saturday with some of my LA blogger friends, and then got celebratory drinks in Santa Monica that night with some lab friends. And then Sunday was followed by a nice dinner with some colleagues in Thousand Oaks. I wore this cute floral print dress from H&M (I reused it both days, oops! Fashion paux? Or totally fine if you are going somewhere new/seeing new people?). With some cute sandals and gold accessories, I fell in love with this outfit! Again, I am reusing pieces I have worn before (the accessories and sandals), which makes it nice to get multiple uses out of simple pieces! 

Dress: H&M | Sandals: Local Store | Bangles: Gift/Local Store | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Earring Studs: H&M |

What do you think about this outfit? Is the weather getting nicer where you are? 

Also, do you have any cool plans/travel plans for the summer? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about any travel plans you may have! 



I’m in love with this shoot! Amazing photos by my friend Samira from Stylemesamira.com!



  1. June 3, 2015 / 5:50 am

    LOVE this dress on you! So flirty and summery! 🙂 I totally wear the same outfit more than once in a row. No one has time to think about what to wear today when they already know their outfit yesterday was fabulous!
    P.S. Look for an e-mail from me tomorrow; the weather's been brutal here in Houston! Lots of flooding and then intense humidity and heat! 😛 Bleh, Cali sounds pretty nice right now!

    – Amanda at http://academiquechic.com/

  2. June 4, 2015 / 2:01 am

    Andrea, I am so proud of you! You're going to do well and definitely get a job that pays well 🙂 Don't you worry about that. I LOVE your dress. That dark floral print looks so pretty on you.

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