#LApassport #PassportProgram Launch Party – Now Boarding!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I had a relaxing weekend trip and took Monday off to BBQ with friends!
To kick off my weekend, this past Thursday night, I had the chance to attend the Launch Party for the Passport Program  launch in LA, for their “LA Passport,” at the quaint new bar “Now Boarding” in West Hollywood! It was a rather fun experience, and the airline theme was SO CUTE, kudos to the organizers!
The Passport Program has launched in numerous cities across the United States, starting in Colorado and spreading to California and across to the east coast! For $20, you can get your hands on a Passport Booklet that contains several drink specials at various bars around town starting yesterday – Memorial Day, until Labor Day in September. You just show the passport to your waiter/waitress and they stamp your passport!

In LA, you can use it at 84 venues across Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica, and more! I was really excited because I have been wanting to explore Los Angeles more, since there are so many cute places and I haven’t even been to 5% of them! And this is perfect for summer, since now that my work stress is starting to lessen, I am trying to make some more time for myself and spending time with friends, leaving work early to actually make some happy hours and enjoy the daylight hours. I want to make it a weekly thing where I try to go to one of the bars once a week – let’s see if I can hold to this! There are certain drink specials at each place, and some places have even hand crafted a special cocktail or drink for this Passport!

Upon entering the bar, we were handed a “Ticket” that could be used at the bar for a drink, and a goodie bag with some freebies from various sponsors of the event!
I had a really yummy drink, which was the special of the summer for the bar, the Wheel’s up! It was so yummy!
They also had a photobooth, that my friends and I had a blast taking photos. Who can resist a photobooth!! I always have a blast at photobooths, and they are great ways to remember a fun event!

Towards the end of the event I got to hang out with the organizers of the event and one of the founders of the Passport Program – all really cool and down to earth people! It was a really great night and I enjoyed talking to everyone!

If you want to get your hands on a Passport for your city, take a look at their website to see if there’s a passport available for your town, and you can purchase one for $20! www.thepassportprogram.com

Have you ever been a part of a similar program? Have you explored all of the bars around your town? Let me know in the comments below! 

PS. Winner of the Anjolee Necklace Giveaway will be announced next post after I verify all of the entries! Thanks so much for everyone who entered! I will bring you more giveaways hopefully soon!





  1. May 28, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    That is so cool!!! They don't have one for New Orleans, but I truly believe in being a tourist in your own city. You will be surprised what you can learn. Good for you! Happy exploring!

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