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So I’ve been bored lately wearing the same things – t-shirt and jeans, hair in regular pony tail. I decided to wear clothes from my monstrous closet.
Here I wore this lace top I bought from Bershka when I was in Cyprus this summer, it is really pretty. I braided my hair and used a bow clip from American Apparel. I don’t like braiding my hair because since I have layers, there are always pieces that stick out of the braid before getting to the bottom of the braid. So it looks nice when I first did it but by the end of the day my braid fell apart/was very messy.
Also, my eyes were bothering me so I put on my glasses that I never wear. My vision is pretty good, I got these glasses a year ago for far away, and haven’t needed them, but they helped me out last week.

I am in LOVE with this flowy top I got from Kaitlyn Clothing ( I wore it over a white tank top and a skinny black belt. It is regular sized in the front but it has a flowy tail in the back. It is so pretty!

I bought this top from Forever21 a long time ago and just never wore it! again I wore a white tanktop underneath and used a thick black belt along the hip. It was really nice and flowy again. I liked the drapey sleeves and I wore jeans for both of these tops!

I presented at a Symposium at CNSI at UCLA yesterday (Seaborg Symposium) and since I had some time in the morning I curled my hair using my PYT straightener! This isn’t a good picture as most of my curls fell out on my walk to campus (it was surprisingly humid), but some curls still stayed. By the end of the symposium my hair was no longer curly and just a bit wavy… but oh well…

xoxo A


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