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I have so much makeup and don’t realize how much I actually have! I have so many eye shadow pallets and never use them! I end up spending more money on new make up pieces because I don’t realize I already have a certain color, or liner, or mascara, mainly because all of my make up is tucked away in drawers. When you are getting ready in the morning you don’t have time to rummage through drawers, so you just use what you have on hand. This DIY organization solves the problem!!!
I saw this idea on pinterest and fell in love!

I bought this metal magnetic sheet from Ikea ($12.99, Spontan Magnetic Sheet) from and got it delivered for 11 dollars! I then bought a roll of adhesive magnets and a hot glue gun. I tried just using the adhesive on the magnetic roll but it wasn’t sticky enough and my makeup would fall because it wouldn’t stick to the magnet. I used my hot glue gun to glue the magnet to the back of my eyeshadow pots and pallets. Hot glue is nice because it is really easy to take the magnet off later and just peel off the glue without ruining the piece!
So I just glued the magnets on the back and let them cool. For the bigger pallets I used two pieces of magnet just to make it stronger. You can buy magnets that are a lot thicker/stronger but I couldn’t find any at the store I was at.
I then brought the magnetic board and set it on my bathroom sink next to the shower wall (my bathroom is really awkward and there is no actual wall that I can nail it to, across from the shower wall is a mirror and then a window right next to it). I was thinking of using adhesive pads to hold it up to my shower wall but the metal board is pretty heavy so I am worried about it falling and all of my makeup breaking in the middle of the night. So instead I just set it on the counter. If I can find something better to hold it up I might do it, but for now this will do! I also bought this little tray for a dollar at target and used it to organize the things I more commonly use and my pencils/mascaras. So cute! I originally had a bunch of makeup bags here with everything disorganized and messy. This clears up space, time, and looks cool!
It is also pretty customizable too. If you want to make yours more stylish, you can wrap some fabric to cover the metal and glue the ends on the other side of the metal piece, and you can even use a cheap frame that is the same dimensions as your board to make it look even classier! I am just lazy and didn’t feel like looking for a frame that is the same size as my board. I might to the fabric thing the next time I go to a craft store and just buy a yard of a cute fabric!
Let me know what you think!
Next project is for jewelry organization! I’m on the lookout on pinterest for ideas to hang my bracelets, necklaces and earrings!

xoxo -A


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