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So this is a little embarassing to admit, but ever since I started working out, I lost about 15 pounds. That’s not the embarassing part. Weight loss comes with all over fat loss, not just in one spot. As a result, I was feeling like my boobs got smaller. I was worried I went down two cup sizes, but I went to Victoria’s Secret and got measured. Turns out I only went down half a size! I guess it’s important to get new bras frequently, as my old bras must just be worn out. They felt so huge that I thought I lost a lot in the boob area. haha. So I ended up getting a new bra! (I could only afford one, seeing as VS bras are usually like 50 dollars! I bought this nude Body by Victoria bra that I think is made from Cotton, with lace. It is really comfortable and soft. I really like it, and the coverage is great. The good thing about these new bras is that you can wear them racerback! The straps lengthen and snap in on the back in a racerback way! I had old bras that would just clip together at the back of the straps, but that would just make the straps super loose if I wore it like that. This new style is clever and really efficient. I also bought this beauty mist that was ten dollars, Very Sexy Touch — it smells so good. I am going to start using it daily. After spending 75 dollars, You get a free black Tote! I really like their totes! and I usually use them for work. My current bag I bring to work is a sparkly tote from VS as well! I’m excited to wear my new bra, scent, and tote! 😀
Best part, I had a 10 dollar off a bra coupon so my $48.50 bra turned out $38.50. 🙂

xoxo Andrea


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