Ipsy makeup!

So I got my Ipsy Glambag for September. I decided to try a couple of the products. First, I used their liquid liner, by Jesse’s Girl, it has a nice tip that can be used to make a really thin line or very thick if you apply more pressure. I like it! I might consider buying it when my actual eyeliner is used up! I always make mistakes and end up with a really thick black line and have to remove it to make it look better…

I  also had this nude lipstick from J.cat… I wash’t sure how it would look but decided to try it on. and this is how it looked….

I look like I have no lips…. it is the same exact shade as my skin color so it causes my lips to blend in with my skin. Don’t like it. So what to do?

I also had this Cailyn tinted “Lip Balm” in big apple…. I first tried it on and it is more like a lip stain and not moisturized at all…More like a matte lip stick… so I decided to blend it with the nude lipstick, and I made this really light pink color! I really liked it! This “lip balm” is cool, as it comes in a small pot, and the top cover hides a cute brush!

Voila, pink lipstick made thru blending two products from the Ipsy glambag that I wouldn’t usually wear on their own.

xoxo Andrea


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