Summer holidays in Cyprus!

So for the last 3 weeks I have been on holidays in Cyprus visiting family and friends!! Reason for my lack of updates this month! I have been able to wear a lot of new clothes and shoes that I haven’t been able to because of work! (YES no lab coat and gloves and goggles!) Here is a small snapshot of my many outfits and hairstyles!

Here I got my hair done at DryBar in Brentwood (still in LA) the day of my 20 hour trip. I fell in LOVE with my hair! I felt so fabulous at the airport, and It was the start of my vacation so I decided to pamper myself. At only 35$ for a styling, it was great! I walked in a few minutes early to my appointment, they made me coffee, washed my hair, blow dried it, and then curled! All in about 45 minutes! It was great! Sadly my hair didn’t last my entire trip, but it was very understandable seeing as I was sitting on a plane for 10 hrs and was dead tired by the end of it. Nevermind the fact that when I finally got off the plane in Cyprus I had walked in to the land of humidity. My hair still had some curl in it though, and right after my cousin picked me up at the airport we went out in Limassol!

Got right off the plane, went home to change, and went right out to the little bars in Limassol! It was a great time. The trend this year is bars, where there are these old small brick laden streets. I love it!

Here I am wearing a blue peplum top with black shorts and gold accessories! I am all about the gold accessories this summer! I am in love!

The next night I went to a “high class” club in Limassol called Dolce. I wore this dress that I have shown you guys before. I wore my hair straight because it was way too hot to curl!

The next couple of days we went to the beach in Protaras, and I busted out my swim suit! I mixed and match my swim suits, so I have several different tops to match with different bottoms! This swim suit is from Victoria’s Secrety, push up top that I love! Instantly adds 2 cup sizes.

We then went to Guaba beach bar, where we saw Fedde le Grande! We didn’t pay as we entered the bar by the beach, and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself! I wore my swim suit and on top of it I wore this lace top from Forever21 and a pair of jean shorts!

The beaches in Protaras are AMAZING! The water so clear and amazing! In this pic I am wearing my BeachBunny swim suit that I paid a lot of money for that I have posted about before! It was really cute, I really like the detail on it, and the bottom was very minimal coverage which I was a little embarassed about, but apparently that is the style here as I saw a lot of other women wearing similar style bottoms!

Another night I went to RnB night at Breeze Club in Limassol. I wore a black dress from TopShop I had bought a couple of years ago, and wore my fuchsia spike heels and matched with a fuchsia purse my cousin let me borrow! I am in love with chunky necklaces too! Definitely pulled it together! Pulled my hair up into a bun at the top of my head and I was in love with my outfit! Not such a great picture of me but you get the idea of my outfit! The next picture of me I like better but it’s more zoomed in!

I went to visit my other cousin in Nicosia (the capital) and we went to this bar called Patio. It was really cool, and we sat out on the patio (haha!) They had these cool colorful shutters on the side and it was great. We enjoyed our wine and tapas! I wore this floral dress from H&M and I wore a chunky gold necklace!

Another night out I busted out my red lipstick. Kept my eye makeup plain and went for more dramatic lips. Straightened my hair and wore it down with a black tank top and a patterned tribal skirt from H&M.

And more recently (last night) I went out in Ayia Napa to this club/beach bar called Amante. It was really nice and a different scene than the other clubs I have gone to. They played mostly pop greek music which was so different from what I was used to. I wore a bodycon skirt I bought from TopShop, a MotelRocks floral crop top that I ordered a while ago and finally found the occasion to wear, and my nude Jessica Simpson heels (my favorites!). After this club we went to another after club that was open til 5:30 am. The next day we went to the pool and the beach to get our tan on.

As my vacation comes to an end (I still have a few days left…) I am leaving a more relaxed and tanned girl! Finally I have been able to relax and not have to think about work and research, but I am excited to get back so I can spend time with my boyfriend and get back to my routine! I really miss working out (I know, I am crazy!) I actually went to the gym one day with my cousin and I missed it so much!

Anyway, let me know how your summer has been!



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