Mid spring sales!

So I spent money when I shouldn’t have and been saving… But what can I say, I love shopping!!
I bought this dress in the Motelrocks sale, the Penelope dress in blue floral highlight print! It’s so pretty!! With a denim top and a flowy skirt! Can’t wait to try it on! Hope it fits!
It was 40$ in the sale and then I had some motel credit that I used so it came out to 25$! Not a bad deal for a gorgeous motel piece!
I also bought a ring (I never wear rings!!) from kristinperry.com and it finally came in today! It’s the Marla double finger gold chain ring! It’s so pretty! I originally saw it on a post from Jessica from hapatime.com and I just had to get it myself (she does a good job selling items!)
I’m wearing it to work because I love it but ill have to take it off the second I get there to do lab work, lol. Gloves + rings is not comfortable!
Anyway, I have to finish my entries for the motel stylist task, it ends on the 29th! Eek. I’ll post my entries here!
Xoxo A


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