April – Pretty in pink Ipsy GlamBag!

Hello readers!
I have been pretty busy this past week or two with school work and actual work… Too much to do in the lab! I have an Orals Qualifying exam for advancement to Phd Candidacy coming up at the end of May, so excuse my absence if I do not post. Although this blog is a good way to escape from science sometimes.
So here is my review of the April Ipsy Glam bag. I skipped writing one for March because I wasn’t very wow’ed by the items from last month, but this month totally makes up for it!

This month came with lots of goodies thats I liked. First, I tried the MICA eyeshadow in shimmery pink. I never wear pink eye shadow, but it was really shimmery, and for my daily makeup I wear a gold shimmery shadow, so this didn’t really differ too much from what I usually wear! The picture on the left is with flash, on right without. Not very good quality, but it is shimmery! I liked it!

Next, I tried the Be a Bombshell blush, it was a very bright pink color, which I felt made me look a little too much like a barbie. I never wear blush, ever, but I have been wanting to wear blush more often because I feel like it gives a more polished look. I had to wipe it off sometimes because I had put too much on, but I really liked it. It gave me a rosy glow, and I will definitely be wearing it again. I am going to try to incorporate more blush into my daily makeup routine!

This month also came with a “HealthySexyHair” styling cream from BigSexyHair. I have never tried this brand before Ipsy, and from the hairspray sample from January to this month’s sample, I am impressed with this brand! I am definitely going to be buying some of their things!

This sample was a styling cream, but it was more of an Argan oil. I took a shower the night before and so my hair was a little unruly in the morning. I took a dollop on my palm, spread it into my fingers and then combed it through my hair with my fingers. It was really nice. I really like using different argan oils, I feel like it really nourishes my hair!

And lastly, the last sample was a nail polish sample, it is a sheer, light pink, which I haven’t tried yet, but will soon!

Oh, and the bag is pretty cute! Plain and simple from the outside, and cute pink stripes on the inside! I have already started using my other make up bags from previous months, so they do come in handy!

Ipsy is having a “Beauty Convention” in LA the weekend of May 31. I really want to attend, but that is the day that I have my qualifying exam! I know I am going to be tired and not want to attend an all day event the next day. Gah! If only it was a week off!

Anyway, I’m sure I will find other beauty events to go to!

I worked all day today, I had a group meeting presentation to prepare for Monday, and then a poster to make of my work/data. And then homework. And then working on my examination. Too much to do! Someone save me! 

It will be over soon and I will be able to relax and be able to post a lot more!

Let me know your thoughts and feedback! I always love hearing feedback!

xoxo Andrea

PS. I paid for this beauty subscription from my own money, and I just wrote a review to give my opinion on the items from this month!


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