Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Hope everyone had a fabulous night!
I ended up going to this bar downtown that I went last year… my friend and I swore we wouldn’t go there this year, but lo and behold, that is where we ended up again. But it was fun, the music was good. This is what I wore!
I curled my hair using my straightener that I bought (the PYT styling tool — seriously best investment ever!) It took me some time because I sectioned it off and did small pieces, but I know that as I get better at using it it will take less and less time!  I think my hair came out fabulous! I love it! I intertwined pieces to get the layered look and it all was in one huge curl, i loved it! ALSO, may I note that I DID NOT USE ANY HAIRSPRAY!!!!!! And my hair stayed like this all night!!! My hair is usually so hard to curl and keep in a curl! I woke up this morning and my hair was still curly too! This styling tool is amazing, I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an easy way to curl their hair!
As far as my makeup, I used my Dior show Blackout mascara — my eyelashes looked fake! My mom was convinced I put false lashes on, but they were all mine! I wish I took a picture of my eyelashes!
I also used a goldish eyeshadow from Maybelline and created a smokey eye look with the MAC Smutty Green eyeshadow I blogged about previously! It came out really great! Topped my lids with liquid liner and voila!

I used Bare minerals foundation in matte, added some E.l.f. bronzer on my cheeks, added some Victoria’s Secret Kissable lips lip gloss, and my look was complete! I switched to red lipstick during the night, but the look was great! My dress is sequins with black, fitted, from Forever 21! very new years-y! 🙂
Also, painted my nails with this glitter-gray, and painted 2013 on one nail on each hand!
What do you think about my look?!
The next picture is another dress that I was considering wearing from Forever 21 that I bought in Hawaii, I love it and it’s very figure flattering! I will have to wear it to my next night out/event!
The last 2 pictures are from my Saturday night out! I went and got my hair curled from the people who sold me my PYT styling tool, and I loved my hair! I am wearing my pink glitter peplum top from that store Kaitlyn in LA that I previously blogged about. I paired the top with a black cardigan (I bought it in Brighton, UK while I was abroad), just some skinny jeans and my favorite black wedge heels!
So what are everyone’s resolutions?
I have a few! First, I want to keep up with this blog and update more frequently! I also want to try to get more readers and followers! I see so many other wonderful blogs and I aspire to be like them!
I also want to get in the best shape by summer! I have been working out for the past year and have been getting so close to my goal, and these next few months, I want to just push through and get to my goal! I will post some pictures when I feel like I am there!
I also want to stop stressing out! that’s a big one for me, as I am a stress case. I want to just be happy and take everything as it comes. Some things you can’t control and there’s no use in stressing out about it! I believe everything happens for a reason and things will work out in the end 🙂
What are your goals for 2013??
xoxo A



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