Merry after Christmas!

Merry after Christmas!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!
I know I enjoyed spending it with my family! Especially since I don’t come home often it was good to just relax and spend time with my parents! I received new clothes from Hollister and A&F, they are so comfortable and cute! I’ll blog about them later, maybe. I also received some makeup, I got this mineralized eyeshadow from MAC – in Smutty Green. It is such a pretty color, green with black hues and glitter. It works to create a subtle smokey shade! I took a few pictures when I wore it out but not very good quality — I’ll try to take better pictures when I wear it out again!
The next picture is my outfit when I went to church on Christmas eve! My failed attempt to curl my hair using my styling tool — its hard! I will try again, but I just think I am not doing it right! I wore some cherry red lipstick from Maybelline, my favorite red hue. My outfit was glam and just right for the holidays!
The last two pics are of my outfit from Saturday night! I wore my Jordan jeans from Motel, paired with a black zipper back top and spiked black wedge heels! It was a cute outfit, and my Jordan jeans even glowed in the black light! It was pretty cool!
What did you get for christmas?
AH I need to figure out what I’m doing for NYE and what I am going to wear! I have a few dresses in mind (some that I have blogged about here, and one that I don’t think I posted about). But New years eve is in a few days! AH! What are you doing? and more importantly, what are you wearing?! haha let me know!
xoxo A

MAC mineralized eye shadow in Smutty Green


Christmas Eve outfit, with Cherry Red lipstick by Maybelline

Outfit on Saturday night, with my new Motel Jordan Skinny Jeans in Black and White foil.

The Jordan Jeans glow in the black light! So cool!


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