New fashion finds! Black Friday buys

Hello! Hope everyone has been keeping busy, I know I have with school work now that the holidays are around!! I have 2 weeks before I head off to Boston to spend the holidays with my family for winter break! But here are some fashion finds I bought in LA this past “Black Friday.” I didn’t go out in the middle of the night, I went shopping at noon the next day to small boutiques and stores around Westwood Village. 

First off, I found this really adorable spike bracelet (haha, adorable + spikes…) with some sparkle to it, I fell in love. I bought this from Urban Outfitters. Next I found this cute sweater to wear, it has some sparkle to it, and the back was cute as it was a little open. I also bought this strapless pink shiny pleplum top, seen here. It has some boning so it stays up (love it, really need that since all strapless tops never stay up for me, problems having bigger boobs…lol). Perfect for going out these holidays, paired with a fitted black miniskirt or even long dark jeans would be nice!! These are both from this store called Kaitlyn in Westwood. I really like their clothes, so cute!

 Studded sparkle bracelet from Urban Outfitters!

My next find was bras on sale at Victoria’s secret. I was in the need for a new bra, and they were having a promotion buy one get one half off, plus you got a free bag with goodies in it, so I said why not. They were all so pretty! I am particularly in love with the red one. These are all the Very Sexy style. The red one has more pushup than the others, but it looks so good under a shirt! (And so pretty when you are changing!!) I love things from VS… they also have a lot of promotions going on during December, they gave me a free gift card that is worth some amount of money. Which reminds me, I should go to the store to check how much it is worth! Maybe I will be lucky. I need to buy a strapless bra, I haven’t found a good one that will stay up and have support that I need. Any suggestions?

Last find, I bought this blouse from this new boutique that opened up called Keene. I fell in love with the studs on the collar, so cute and adorable. I wore this with a thin black belt and it was adorable with jeans and boots! love!

The last picture I posted is of the shoes in my closet! In love with the size of my closet, and I have a corner just for all of my shoes! So organized!

Well anyway, must get to work on my project due Tuesday that I have yet to start…woops!

xxxxx Andrea

Sweater and pink glitter pleplum strapless top from Kaitlyn!

Very Sexy bras from Victoria’s Secret

Blouse with studded collar from Keene


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