Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! My second post in December, but it has been a super stressful month at work and school! Now I have a break and can finally relax for the holidays!
I have some new purchases and I am in love!
First off, I bought these Jordan skinny jeans from MotelRocks in the Black and white foil print! I am always scared to order pants from online because they usually don’t fit. But I took a chance and these are perfect! they are high waisted, skinny fit, and they are so comfortable! They are in the MotelRocks Xmas sale! So such a good deal and I was able to get more off using my credit from promoting and my code for 20% off! 😀 I’ve been meaning to order the Jordan Jeans and now I finally have them! In the sale I also ordered the Kimberley Bodycon Lace Dress in Turquoise and Black! It is beautiful! and has a sweetheart blue neckline that is covered in lace, which is so pretty! It is bodycon so it is a snug fit and its so comfortable and pretty!  If you fancy checking out the sale, head over to motelrocks.com and check it out!! If you are daring, feel free to try using my code “Andreah227” to see if you can get anything extra off!! 
I have also bought some amazing heels from Bakers! They were having a store closing sale at the mall yesterday and I fell in love with these! They are fuchsia pink and have gold spikes! I wore them out last night and they were soooo pretty! I matched them with dark jeggings and a black top. They are about 6 inches and have a platform, so I am easily about 5’9″ wearing them! It is great! haha!
I also bought these Betsey Johnson cat eye sun glasses in tortoise shell! They were on sale and they go with my face shape perfectly! I realized the cat eye style goes well with my face shape! I have some Armani Exchange Sunglasses in the same style and they are my favorite! I have been looking for the perfect shape for my face for a while!
As far as make up, I bought some pink lipstick from Maybelline that matches my lip color, so I can use it as a chapstick/gloss and not have to worry about it looking like I have too much color on. This way I can wear it to work as well! I bought the “Born with it” Pink color, and I love it. It is moisturizing and keeps my lips nice and soft! Recommend it!
I also went to Sephora and bought new Mascara. I have been using the Dior Show mascara in black, and it is amazing. My eyelashes look like they are fake! I have gotten lots of complements on them, asking if they are real! So I definitely recommend it! I decided to try the Dior Blackout mascara. I bought it but have yet to try it out! I talked to the sales rep and she said that it is much better than Dior Show, and it greatly enhances your lashes! I am so excited to try it!! Will let you know how it is in a review later!
Sephora gave me a free “birthday” gift, but my birthday isn’t until February! I got this Sugar Kisses mini lip duo, I will also let you know how they are!
I am so excited about all of my purchases! Can’t wait to wear them all out! 
I am finally home in Boston for the holidays, and can I say, it is FREEZING out! I have become a true California girl, in that I thought 50 degrees was cold!
Well, anyway, I will post another update after christmas to talk about any new gifts I get! and hopefully figure out a New Years Eve outfit!!
Have a great holiday season everyone! 

Motel Rocks Jordan Skinny Jeans in Black Foil Print


Motel Rocks Kimberley Bodycon Lace Dress in Turquoise and Black

Bakers Heels in Fuchsia Pink with gold spikes

Betsey Johnson Cat eye sunglasses in tortoise shell

Maybelline “Born with it” Lipstick

Dior Blackout mascara in Kohl Black, and Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo


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