#BossLady Chic with Romwe – Conference Outfit

Happy Friday!!
It’s almost the weekend and what a week it has been!!
With the results from the recent elections, I’m still trying to process the results and what that means for us as a nation and for science.
I am on a twitter party right now for Science Communication, every week called #sciparty, and we are discussing just how important it is for us scientists be able to communicate our science and research effectively to the common person. It is so important we have the skills to be able to explain our findings to everyone, so everyone can understand that without research, we can’t make advances to cure diseases and cancer! If you have any questions about research and the importance of funding research, please contact me, I’d love to chat!

Which leads me to this weekend, I am attending an on campus symposium tomorrow, all day, and I am presenting my research at a poster session! I jump at every opportunity to present my work, whether its on campus symposium, national or international conferences! The dress code is business casual, and I am going to wear this Black Floral Print Sleeveless Bodycon Dress from Romwe.com. It is the right length, midi length hitting right at the knee and slightly below, so its not too short, and also covers up on the top!  It is Bodycon style though, which for some might think it will be too tight, but that is why I ordered it a size up in Medium, and I think it fits perfectly. It is not uncomfortable while still showing a silhouette and still being classy! And this floral print is amazing! I am in love with it! I can’t wait to present my research in this outfit! It is also a good #bosslady outfit for oral presentations! AH I’m in love!

Dress: Black Floral Print Sleeveless Bodycon Dress from Romwe.com | Accessories: Earrings from Montana Silversmiths Jewelry ; Necklace: Gift; Rings: Handmade | Heels: Kate Spade

In addition, since the outfit was simple, I was able to wear some cute statement accessories, like these cute Retro Flair Hanging Open Fan earrings from Montana Silversmiths Jewelry, and I wore some handmade rings that I have acquired, one blue stoned one from a craft fair, and the pinkish/purple wire wrapped amethyst ring is by my friend Stephanie from Modern Makes. The necklace was a gift from Lebanon.

I was really happy with the price and variety of clothing and pieces from Romwe. As a student, I love to find new clothing shops, especially ones that I can find cheaper pieces that I can use for conferences and other lab fashion! I need to update my wardrobe soon so I will hopefully be donating a lot of things and buying new pieces!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Let me know your thoughts about this look in the comments below! I love your feedback!





  1. November 12, 2016 / 2:33 pm

    It's true, dear Andrea, that now the future looks uncertain for science, because of the election. Let's hope for the best! I am very glad that you have a poster session at the campus symposium, well, you are having, because the post is from yesterday 🙂 All the best, lots of success to you, I am sure you will have! This dress is fantastic, feminine, beautiful, floral the way I love! You look really stunning! I also loved the necklace, the so feminine Mary Janes and the pink ring, as I told you recently. The flower in your hair is so sweet! Loved the pictures! Wishing you a very nice weekend!

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