Fashion and Fitness – 8 ways to keep your cool and Stretch the stress away

Hello loves!
Happy Friday!
Another week down, another week closer to summer and being done!
I have alluded in previous posts and if you have been following me on instagram that I’ve been focusing a lot on self care, which is done by working on my nutrition and fitness!
This past fall I fell into a negative spiral where I was so stressed out, super overwhelmed, things weren’t working on my projects, I had month-long headaches and migraines, and it just overall sucked. I was working 12 hour days but I didn’t feel like I was progressing, I wasn’t sleeping enough, and I didn’t have time to relax or workout. Come December, I decided to change that, because I couldn’t continue living in that same state. I also hit my heaviest weight. I needed to change something. I decided to start focusing on myself, so I can refind myself and I can actually be productive in work.
After months of contemplation to invest in a program, I committed to doing a Beachbody workout and nutrition program called 21 Day Fix, perfect for a beginner, thanks to a friend who is a coach and recommended it to me, and it was the best decision I made. All of a sudden I had a structured meal plan and workout program that I could do the workouts in 30 minutes a day, and really had no excuses not to stick to it, especially since I invested in it. The coaching and free accountability group/community I became a part of was a great plus, and I believe is the difference between sticking to a program and just buying it and leaving it to the side. Being in a community with other women who were making a huge effort to lose weight, change their health habits, was so inspiring. I lost 4 lbs in my first round and about 7.5 inches in 21 days. That’s only 3 weeks!! And I also noticed my headaches were gone, I wasn’t getting a migraine when I felt stressed. I saw a change in my skin, it cleared up, my bloating went down, and my stomach felt better. I realized I inadvertently cut out cheese and milk from my diet, and it make a wonderful difference. I found out I am to a degree lactose intolerant! I also found that I feel so much better and I actually enjoy cooking food! I cut out all processed foods, which has helped me regulate my body, and I am saving money since I have a focused meal plan and grocery list. I always would over buy lots of groceries and I would end up spending 100$+ a week on groceries and end up eating out most of the week. Sticking with this easy meal plan has helped me stay on track and save money! In addition I started having a superfoods shake to my meal plan, and I add some greens and fruits to it, super yummy and I get a lot of my nutrients in for the day! It has also curbed my sweet tooth quite a bit, and it has some protein, so perfect to drink for breakfast or snack after a workout!
I loved 21 Day Fix so much I decided to up it a little bit and I did my next 21 days using 21 Day Fix Extreme, which was similar to the regular fix, but the workouts were, like the title, a little more extreme! I saw even better results following this plan, I definitely lost some body fat and leaned out!
And currently, I am following the 22 Minute HardCorp program, which is an 8 week bootcamp style program that was just released! Tony Horton, who created P90X which you may have heard of, designed this bootcamp style program that can be done in 22 minutes! Literally, my soulmate workout, because I don’t have a lot of time, so it is quick and done, and it hits all the muscle groups. It alternates between resistance and cardio, and I have definitely leaned out and I am just in week 3! I can’t wait to see my body change and see my results by the end of 8 weeks (brings me to end of April! time is flying, it is almost summer!)
If you are interested in doing a program then send me an email ( and we can chat about your goals! I’d love to share what has worked for me and hopefully it can help you! You can also check out the options for On Demand Access at this link:

Well, anyway, I also wanted to share this really cute Fabletics outfit that I love, I really really love all of the pieces in the Fabletics collection, especially bright pieces. And I love these bright neon pink sneakers from Nike! No one said working out had to be boring, there are so many brands out there with really fashionable pieces!

Here is a simple stretching workout to do when you are feeling tense and want to stretch the stress away! I found yoga, meditation and just stretching really help me when I am feeling really tense.

1. Runners Lunge – Stretch out your hips and hamstrings by coming into a runners lunge!

2. Attempt to balance a handstand/headstand/forearm stand. It’s been one of my goals for the last few years to be able to build the core strength to hold some kind of handstand. It is also good for your mood and circulation to get upside down sometimes!

3. Hamstring stretch – Stretch each side, and bend over as you reach over to one leg, then switch to the other side.

4. Butterfly stretch – Have your heels touch each other and move your feet in as close as feels comfortable, and try to push your knees down. only go as far as you can!

5. Wide leg stretch – Open your legs and keep them straight as you try to lay your upper body flat on the ground – I could only get to my elbows, so just go as far as your body will let you!

6. Quad stretch – Standing – you can use your hand for balance, grab your foot and keep your knees close together as you stretch your quad and hip!

7. Plank to tricep pushup – Get into a plank position, and hold it for a minute. repeat. If you are strong enough, go into a tricep pushup, basically a push up but your elbows are in close. Then try pushing up. This is a hard move and took me some time to be able to do. If you can’t do it then try doing it on your knees, but make sure you keep your body in a straight line!

8. And then Dance it out! Have some fun and dance it out, no need to be so serious all the time!

Love the back view of the strappy neon bra!

Disclaimer: Please check with your Dr. before starting any fitness or nutrition routine! These are just suggestions for exercises to try to destress and stretch! Do not go past your comfort level!

And like I said, please send me an email if you want to make a change before summer, you have 21 days to change your life! I would love to have you join me in my new challenge group!

Have a wonderful weekend!





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