Whimsical Ugly Sweater – Dreams and Flying with an old Top Shop Sweater

Hi everyone!
Sorry for lack of posts last week!
I have been super busy with work and working on keeping my stress level low – trying to work until normal people times and not stay in lab late unless absolutely necessary – and I think I was good about that! I am trying to not take any unplanned breaks throughout the day (unplanned as in getting sucked into my phone scrolling on instagram or facebook), and just getting everything done that I need to and not stress out about not finishing everything. I’m only human!
I have also started a workout and nutrition plan, called the 21 day fix, and I am using it as a platform to just get myself back into shape and back into the routine of working out and I can do the work outs at home (it beats going to the crowded gym right now) and also eating healthy (I noticed it has improved my headaches!). So I will probably post an update about my progress in 2 weeks (one week down, two more to go!). If you are interested in talking about your health goals, send me an email!
Well anyway, back to fashion. I thought this was a fun outfit that I decided to wear and the photoshoot was rather fun and silly. I bought this oversized rainbow sweater from Topshop when I was studying abroad in the UK like 5 years ago (another piece of clothing I haven’t worn and has been sitting in my closet! I’m shopping for new outfits in my own closet!). It was super comfy and retained the warmth! I wore a plain black tank top underneath, and some black leggings along with my black Sketchers heeled sneakers, and it was the perfect outfit for chilling in lab and then just chilling at home while keeping warm during these chilly LA days!
I originally was going to wear this to an ugly sweater party, as it is kinda ugly, but it is still a little chic I think, if styled correctly!

Tank top and leggings: Forever 21 | Sweater: Topshop | Sneakers: Sketchers | Accessories: Charlotte Russe and Boyajian Trend Gallery

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I’m all about living in the moment now, I had a lot of realizations that life is too short to constantly be planning and living for the future. So I think that’s reflected in these photos, I really had a lot of fun jumping around and just being me. Some bloggers take things too seriously and how you have to always look perfect, but I think just being yourself in your photos is number one way – anyway, we’re only human. no one is perfect.

What are your thoughts?

let me know in the comments below! 

Have an amazing week ahead! 





  1. January 13, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    Andrea, this is such a wonderful post! I couldn't agree with you more: Living in the moment is what's it's all about! We are always so consumed working towards the future that we totally forget to smell the roses, so the speak! I love these pictures of you, Andrea! They show your happy and playful side! And this is what I love about you! You are not only beautiful but extremely smart as well! So glad we connected!
    PS: I added you on Snapchat! 🙂
    xoxo, Vanessa

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