Vanity Fair Social Club Emmys 2015 Recap – #VFSC

Hi loves,

How has your week been? I am super happy that it is Friday, it has been a rough busy week for me at work/school (what else is new? I have been complaining non stop now, sorry! haha). So I am looking forward to the weekend to relax and shut off. Today I am recapping the Vanity Fair Social Club (#VFSC) Emmys event I had the opportunity to attend, that I had such a great time at! I posted one of my outfits for the Saturday events, but I did attend Sunday as well (it was a two day event this time, the Oscars VFSC was a whole week long event!).

Going to events like these are awesome because I get to shut off from Science for a few hours and get to meet and talk to people in a whole different industry and the industry that LA is famous for – fashion and film. I am so happy and lucky to get invited to these kinds of events, as it is a nice little release from my hectic daily life!

The day started out with different talks/panelists, which was cool because they were able to bring in some stars that were actually nominated for Emmy awards on Sunday night. There were little breaks for food in between sessions, some freebies, and a mini photobooth (was actually a bed with flowers! so cool), and I got to see some blogger friends and meet a lot of new faces! I also snapchatted a lot during VFSC on both days, so if you are curious about these kinds of events I go to, you can follow me on snap chat (andreah227). I snap chat random daily things (my life isn’t SO exciting), and sometimes I’m just plain silly. Do follow if you like, but I can’t promise crazy events like this all the time… haha!

This is the outfit I wore on Saturday – see my previous post for outfit details, Motel Rocks dress!

Here’s a group shot of my blogger babe friends! Had a great time with them!

Here’s a shot of my outfit for Day 2! I almost didn’t go to VFSC on Sunday because I was so tired but I decided to just go and wore this cute stripe cut out dress!

One of the panels on Saturday was a conversation with Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story. It was really cool to hear her speak, even though I hadn’t seen the show.

What was really cool for me was hearing Tony Goldwyn talk, which I didn’t recognize him at first. Then I realized he is the “President” in the new show Scandal that I have been getting into, and it was great! 

It was also really cool listening to the guys from Key and Peele talk! They were insanely funny, and I snap chatted videos from them. It was really cool hearing them because I have seen their show before! They were hilarious!

Viktor and Rolf, sponsors of VFSC and promoting their perfumes Flower bomb and Bon Bon, set up this flower bed for a little photo booth, and everyone was in love! It was rather hard to get onto the bed because the flowers were poking you but it was so cool! I posted animated gif of my photos on Instagram, so go take a look there!

The Viktor and Rolf perfumes that were on showcase (and we got to take home full size perfume freebies for tweeting about them)! I hadn’t really been exposed to Viktor and Rolf before VFSC and now I am glad, because The Bon Bon perfume is one of my favorites! I really like Flowerbomb as well but Bon Bon is my fav! And look at the cute little bottles! SO cool!

Hope you have a great weekend! Til next week…




  1. October 3, 2015 / 1:59 pm

    Dear Andrea, amazing post! I loved your outfits, the first with some green panels and the the second, with stripes – both so sweet and beautiful and you are always so gorgeous! It must have been so interesting, attending these events, and lectures with stars, wow! OK, you said, you don't have these events all the time, but guess what, I never have, so having them sometimes is excellent 🙂 I also loved the flower bed and Viktor & Rolf perfumes are always so cute (the bottles) and they have nice scents! So nice pictures with your blogger friends! I am very glad to have seen the beautiful pictures! I hope you have a lovely weekend, dear Andrea!

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