September Fitness Challenge – Getting back on the workout grind!

Hello loves! happy September!
I really can’t believe it is already September and the summer is basically over!
Today marks my 4 year anniversary of living in Los Angeles! Woo woo! How fast time is flying, it is a little scary!
Today I am bringing out a style board with some fitness outfits to give you some inspiration! I am putting in some more effort to work out 4-5 times a week, mainly to help deal with stress and anxiety with work, and to get back into shape! I used to work out 5 times a week and I was so fit! and then I fell off track the last year or so, and I miss it! I also realized I have to make time for myself, which is something I have been neglecting to do — leading to more stress, so it is a vicious cycle!
I have been looking for new workout gear to wear, even though I already have a bunch, new workout clothes always inspire me and make me want to work out!
Here are some styles I have my eye on lately:

September Fitness Challenge - Getting back on the workout grind!

September Fitness Challenge – Getting back on the workout grind! 

1. A cute workout sports bra
I love a cute bra – sports bras are no exception! Although you want one that is comfortable and is going to support your “girls” while working out, especially if yours are bigger. I go for sports bras with thicker straps but still a cute design, color, or shape! I really like these two bright ones from Adidas, they give a pop of color under your top! I also am in love with strappy bras! I have one strappy bra that I got from fabletics, but I can’t do cardio or any high impact workouts with it – less support for girls with bigger boobs, which is sad. I wish they made these kinds of strappy bras with more support! I save that bra for a day where I’m doing some yoga or lower impact workouts!

2. Workout shorts

I hate working out while I’m hot, so I love wearing cool stylish shorts! I tend to gravitate toward Nike shorts for some reason, I think I just like the way they are cut! The spandex shorts are also great, but I have bigger thighs so they tend to ride up… so I will wear spandex shorts under regular shorts now.  

3. Cute workout shoes 

Having the right shoes is so key to not injuring yourself while working out! I am training for a 10k and after a long run this weekend, I realized I need to invest in some good running shoes! I gravitate towards Nike Running shoes too, but there are so many out there that are great! Any suggestions on shoe brands to try? Let me know in the comments below! I love finding cute patterns too, I love the variety and styles!

4. Workout tracker/accessory

I used to use my Polar Heart monitor watch religiously, tracking how many calories I burned, and I got a thrill out of seeing I burned so many calories! I lost my heart rate strap though, so I am currently just using it as a regular watch, but I am going to buy a new strap soon! Fitbits are also gaining popularity, and from what I’ve heard, they are super cool in tracking your heart rate, steps, and sleep! Do you use any of these kinds of accessories? What is your favorite?

5. Workout leggings 

I love how flattering workout leggings are! They offer more cover up and are really flattering to the lower body! I have a few favorite brands, one of which is Gap fitness (Gfit), which you would never expect Gap to have a good line of workout gear! And I also like the fabletics pants, I bought the Salar legging and it is so soft and my favorite! There are a couple of other brands I have my eye on, like Aloyoga, that have amazing designs and colors and super slim fitting leggings. I have yet to buy a pair but have my eye out to buy one soon!

6. Workout tops and cover ups

A great workout top that isn’t too tight or too lose but just right can really make or break your workout! I love fun colors too, that I can layer over my favorite sports bra! I also want to get a workout jacket, I have tried a few from Lululemon before that are super soft and comfy, but I can’t afford them right now. Some tops with a fun saying are always cool to get too!

What is your favorite thing to wear to work out? Do you have any staples? 

What is your workout routine like? Do you have any suggestions on keeping motivation and staying on track?

How about we keep ourselves accountable, and who wants to join me on this September Fitness challenge? All you have to do is move or do some kind of workout 5 days a week with 2 days rest! And eat healthy! At the end of the month, we can check in and see how far you have gotten and if you have seen any results! This is the method that got me to lose around 30 pounds two years ago! I didn’t follow any specific workout plan, I just did what I could and it was great!
You can also select a workout program from HERE, workout with me

I will announce the winner of the giveaway at the next post, bear with me while I validate all the entries (I have a presentation to give on Wednesday so after that I should be free 🙂 )

And I am also working on a new project for you guys, will spill the beans soon!

Have a great week! xo




  1. September 1, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Oh dear Andrea, I wish I was in the near, so that you could motivate me – I am so lazy these days! I used to roller skate a lot, dance a lot (I am a certified flamenco dancer!), tap dance, and now I can't even hear the words work out – but I know I have to do something, it's healthy! So I am very glad that you are doing it and I loved the top "sore today, strong tomorrow"… that's exactly it, so, well done, it does decrease stress, I guess! I used to have a heart device, I mean, it counted number of steps and how many calories one burnt, but now I don't use it anymore… would be good, thanks for reminding me! I loved the pink-reddish Nike sneakers! And wow, 4 years in LA is a milestone! Hope you have a nice week, dear Andrea, hugs and kisses!

  2. September 2, 2015 / 12:30 am

    Cute workout gear is such a great motivation! I haven't been working out for a few years now (ouch), but I will definitely start again in January once I've had my baby!

    Bella Pummarola

  3. September 8, 2015 / 8:30 am

    This is really a wonderful post.

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