Summer Shoe Picks – Wear to…

Hi lovelies!
With summer basically here (depending on where you live, but in LA it is summer already!), ever wonder what shoes to wear? I love shoes, but working (or basically living) in the lab really limits what kinds of shoes I can wear… must be closed-toed shoes, but on the weekends/evenings I branch out and wear a pair of my cute shoes (my closet is full of shoes!!).
Here are some picks for this summer, with selections to wear for various places.
Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to...
Summer Shoe Picks – Wear to… by andreah227 

1. Lab – Since UCLA requires closed toed shoes, I picked some cute sneakers/boots/flats! The black Nikes I actually own and are my go-to shoes, particularly because it is less to carry if I want to go to the gym! But the flats are really cute to transition for dinner or any other occasion after work!

2. Beach – I love wearing flip flops to the beach (and other occasions, but they look too casual sometimes), particularly because I don’t care if they fill with sand – super easy to clean, versus sometimes sandals you get sand caught, etc. There are some really stylish “thongs” (flip flops) that you can buy for a little more money, and they look more dressy. I recently bought some cheap flip flops at target for 2 for $5, which was great, because I just want them to walk around the house or go to the beach! I have a “dressier” pair similar to these that I got from Charlotte Russe for rather cheap too!

3. Around Town – 
I am a huge fan of really cute strappy sandals! They just add a nice touch to any outfit, and are rather stylish! I love white ones, I used to have a pair just like these white ones, but they ripped! I love these ones with fringe too! And I also love gladiator style sandals! I have always liked them but not sure if they would look good on me because I have short legs!

4. Night out –  I LOVE love love strappy heels lately! I really want a pair of strappy black heels, like these pictured here. I also am into nude heels too, they just seem to elongate my legs, with both the style, the height, and the color! 

What are your go to’s for shoes this summer? What are you wearing for various occasions? Do you agree with my picks or even disagree? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. June 17, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    I loved the night out shoes, but I simply loooved the Lab shoes – I love closed toe shoes. The flip flops for the beach are also cool, and wow, 2 for $5! It's great! I loved the boots with floral detailing!

  2. June 18, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    Loving group #3 and #4 for the obvious reasons (smile), but how fun your collection of lab shoes are! I adore Converse and Nike's new sleeker designs are just fabulous! Great inspirations, Andrea! T.

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