Practical Holiday Gift Guide for a fashionista (scientist or not!)

What to get for your fashionista friend (scientist or not) thats practical, cheap, and useful? Here are some things on my list for the holidays that are handy for my lifestyle and stylish!

(1) Urban Decay Vice3 or Naked3 Makeup Palettes – I am currently obsessed with Urban Decay and eye shadow palettes! I am in love with the Naked3 palette – all of the shades have tints of pink which are perfect for a casual or romantic look — you can use the lighter shades for a daytime look, or mix in some of the darker shades to the right of the palette for a night time look! I have also had my eye on the Vice3 Palette which is limited edition for this holiday season! I love the shades and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Available at (Urban Decay Naked 3, $54; Urban Decay Vice3, $60).

(2) Makeup brush sets – What better to go with a makeup palette or other makeup than a brush set. I have just gotten into brushes since I have gotten more serious about my makeup collection, and having the right brush can make all the difference! Forever21 has a cheap set for $4.90, and Sephora also has a nice selection of brushes for a little more expensive, but still relatively cheap compared to the high end makeup brushes (brush sets start around $16).

(3) Combat Boots – A new trend this fall/winter that I have fallen in love with are comfy combat boots! Forever21 has a lot of lace up boots that are relatively cheap ($20-30), flat or heeled, all comfy so your fashionista can still work a full day running around lab. Target and JC Penny have some good deals as well, a friend bought a cute pair during black friday!

Practical Holiday Gift Guide for a fashionista (scientist or not!)

Practical Holiday Gift Guide for a fashionista (scientist or not!) by andreah227 featuring a christmas tree skirt

(4) Large Tote bag – Instead of taking a backpack to work, I have been rotating large tote bags, which are super stylish and can hold a lot of things! Forever21 and H&M have a nice selection of bags for $20-30 (the bags I chose here are $23 and $32), and they last a while! I love having a black bag as it matches with everything, and I can fit in my gym clothes, my iPad, my lunch, a large water bottle, and lots of small things!

(5) Pandora Charm Bracelets – I might be late to the trend but I think this is a cute gift to get any fashionista! Pandora has some plain bracelets you can buy and you can add small stylish charms to customize and personalize your own charm bracelet! My mom bought me one for my birthday and so far I have two charms on it (they are a little expensive). It would make a cute gift if you can afford it! You can also add glass charms from Amazon.

(6) Biker Jacket – Nothing more stylish than a biker jacket. You can add this on top of any outfit and instant add some edge to any outfit! H&M has one that I selected thats pretty cute but I also bought one from Express for about $60!

(7) Nike Workout Shoes – I am definitely in the market for new sneakers, and I love Nikes! They have so many different styles, colors, patterns, you can definitely find one your fashionista will love!

Let me know if you think any of these would be great for someone you know!

xo – Andrea

Direct links from polyvore:

H M biker jacket
$115 –

Nike sneaker
$79 –

Forever 21 lace up boots

Forever 21 black boots

Forever 21 leather tote

H M black purse
$23 –

Purple bracelet

La Preciosa magnetic bracelet

La Preciosa magnetic bracelet

Sephora Collection powder brush

Urban decay eyeshadow

Forever 21 eyeshadow brush

Beauty product
$59 –

Christmas tree skirt



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