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I decided to do a different type of post today, with a little more substance than just my outfits for the day! Today I will be talking about appropriate and easy hair styles you can wear in the lab!
I want to try each of these each day this week and will post the pictures in next week’s Monday post! Or if you can’t wait I will be posting each hairstyle on my Twitter (@vanillaxcupcake, link on left ) so follow me there!

Since the strict lab safety rules have been implemented at UCLA this past year, we not only have to wear flame resistant lab coats, closed toe shoes, pants, gloves, and goggles, but our hair needs to be securely fastened out of our face, so it doesn’t catch on fire, especially if you have long hair (like me!)! Whenever I don’t tie up my hair I notice it is in my face, in the way, and since I am touching chemicals with my gloves I can’t really move my hair out of my face without getting some chemicals on it!

The way to solve this problem? Tie your hair up! BUT, it doesn’t have to be a boring pony tail (this is my fall back, and the quickest way to just get your hair up and out of your face, and what I usually end up doing because I’m lazy).

Here is my schedule of hair styles for this week:

Today (Monday): 
Bun on the top of your head!

Braided “Headband” with pony tail

Attempt at a french braid

Low bun

Waves/Curls in a pony tail

Pictures of my hairstyles this week will be posted next week! Check back next Monday for my styles! Or again, check out my Twitter @vanillaxcupcake ! And give a “like” to my Facebook page! Www.facebook.com/phdfashionista

Do you have a job in which your hair needs to be tied up or a certain way? How do you go about styling your hair for such a job?

Let me know in the comments below!

– xo Andrea



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