Swim 2014

So this weekend I went shopping last minute with a friend and came home with some major deals!!
I opened a Victoria’s Secret Angels credit card in December and so I got some coupons in my email and mail. I also had a $20 gift card to VS so I went in the store looking to buy something and I had been eyeing their swim suits! I hate ordering things online because I’m never sure of the size. So this VS in Santa Monica had swim! I tried on this cute strapless top and it was perfect! I am never one to buy a strapless top but this one has the right support! And the bottoms I had the exact same in solid black.
This top was originally 32 dollars, and the bottom was 24. Using my $20 gift card, 20% off one item, and 10 dollars off for my “Birthday Month,” My total for this 56 dollar suit was $24 !!! AND I got a free tote bag! It’s huge and retails for $75. Not sure if anyone pays that much or even buys it (I wouldn’t pay that much for it), but it was free!

This is the alternate bottom for this style from VS. I couldn’t find it in store, but its so cute with the hip ties! 

I have also been eyeing these swim pieces from L*Space! I love love love the fringe top, I actually have the Audrey Fringe but in white. I love the Celestial pattern, and the bottoms are so cute too!

I also love mint color for this season! And in a swim suit!!! I love the Chloe Wrap top, I have been on the lookout for a similar suit! AH I WANT THESE!!!

There is an L*Space Trunk Show at Beverly Hills Swim Shop this Saturday in Beverly Hills, maybe I’ll stop by! It will be fun and hard to not buy anything! 

Can you tell I can’t wait for summer and the beach?!?!


Are there any swim brands you love? Any specific style you like? let me know, I love to look at new styles!

xoxo Andrea


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  1. February 21, 2014 / 2:06 pm

    Wow very nice swimwears!

    Following you back dear 😉

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