Curly hair Tuesday!

Today I woke up feeling like I wanted curly flowy hair. So instead of going in to lab early to harvest my cells ( they can grow an extra hour or two) I curled my hair and had breakfast. I wanted to test out my Sexy Hair spray clay sample that I reviewed last week. So I curled my hair and used that and put it to the test!

I realized on my way out the door it was ten minutes til the start of class. So I put on my helmet and jumped on my bike to speed to class. I made it to class in 10 min and whoa was I surprised my hair was not ruined! It worked! And now in the afternoon my hair is still curly! I am impressed! I am thinking of buying the full size! Love it!

Know of any other great hold hairsprays for girls with hair that doesn’t hold curl?? 

Xoxo A

The suspect up for review!

Curled my hair! (left as I was in the process, right after I got changed and was ready to leave!)

Before and after biking! Looks just like new! held up pretty well!

And now its 2:30pm and still holding strong!



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