San Antonio river walk!

Ok ok this isn’t a fashion post. BUT I wanted to share these beautiful pictures I took my first day/evening in San Antonio! I’m here for a recruitment for UCLA for a training grant I am on for the SACNAS 2013 conference. And OMG I am in love with this city! Our hotel is right on the river walk and the riverwalk is just so pretty! It reminds me of the venice canals! I even saw boat tours including a dinner boat tour where you can have dinner on a boat that floats along the river and there is someone playing violin! So cute! And as I sit in the hotel lobby to get Wifi to write this post, I can see White horse drawn carriages in the street! So CUTE and romantic. That’s it. I’m getting my boyfriend to take me on one of those next time I’m in S.A. I’m making him come here hehehe.

Well, this picture is from the river walk. The next picture is a picture of the sunset from the Rooftop pool of the hotel (Beautiful!!!) and the last is a panorama I took of the sunset. AH I love it. Tomorrow starts the conference registration and talks! And more exploring of San Antonio! We are going to go see the Alamo too! A nice little mini vacation/break since I was going crazy with 10-12 hour days at work!

I promise I’ll post an outfit pic at some point!

Enjoy the pics!


xoxo Andrea



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