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So today I took the day off from work and took a day to myself. I went to the gym in the morning, burned a nice 400 calories on the elliptical, went to group meeting for work, and then took a drive to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade to do some shopping. It was great! Such a beautiful day!

I then met up with some friends at Napa Valley Grille for happy hour, and had this delicious Basil Mango Sangria! It was AMAZING! After happy hour I went to the gym again for my lower body blast class, it was so good! Burnt another 540 calories for a net 940 calorie burn! 😀 I’m going to start doing double workouts now that I’m free from Orals!!


So I stopped at Sephora and got some makeup! I needed a new mascara since my current one ran out. So of course I bought the DiorShow Blackout mascara. I have written a review about this before, and I love it! It has a spiral-type wand, to just coat your lashes with mascara and add a lot of volume!

I also bought this Fresh – Sugar Rose lip balm treatment. Last year for Sephora’s birthday treat, they gave samples of this, the Sugar Fresh –> seen on the right in the pic, and the sample size Sugar Rose. I fell in love with both of them, and I used them til they ran out! The actual product is 3x bigger, as you can see in the pic, and a lot thicker. At $22.50 for a lip balm, I decided this was worth it as it has spf 15, and it is good quality. I chose the Rose mainly because it adds a tint of pink to your lips, making it more worth the money!

I also got my birthday treat samples for this year ( I had forgotten but they guy gave it to me anyway), the Benefit duo, a mascara and little highlighter samples. The highlighter is supposed to be brushed onto your cheeks or cheekbones to highlight your face and give you a summery glow. The mascara seems nice too, the brush/wand is different from the Dior, it is more like pins on a stick, if that makes sense. (Sorry the pic isn’t as clear, couldn’t get it to focus). I am going to try it on in the morning!

And lastly, I used my “beauty insider” points to get a free sample, I chose the Smashbox camera ready BB cream, that has spf 35. I’ve read a lot about BB creams, and my friends rave about them, but I have never tried them. Apparently they are good to wear alone or under your foundation/coverup. They provide seamless coverage and mask any fine lines and wrinkles, and it will make the lines disappear after 4 weeks! I will test this sample out tomorrow as well and see how it is! It blended in perfectly with my skin on my hand, so hopefully the same goes with my face! lol!

Finally, I got a gel manicure exactly one week ago, and it has not chipped yet!!! I am so IMPRESSED! whenever I do my nails with a regular manicure, they chip after a day or two! And this has lasted me a week and shows no sign of chipping soon! I am impressed and converted to gel manicures! Here are two pictures, both a week apart! Perfect! I am in love and want to get my nails done again when I have another special occasion to go to!

             A week ago ^^                                                    Today ^^

I also bought some cute panties from Victoria’s Secret 5 for 26 sale, and I got a shirt and a coverup dress for the beach from H&M! 

Anyway, time to go to bed! I have more to post about tomorrow! Including my Beach Bunny Swimsuit that came in (love it but really small!) and my May Ipsy Glambag review!!

So glad I can get back into blogging! 😀 




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