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Sorry I’ve been MIA this month! I am working on my Advancement to Candidacy Exam for my PhD program… It has been seriously one of the most stressful experiences ever! I’m super stressed all the time, so I haven’t really had a chance to post anything. I have taken to working out as an outlet for my stress, which really helps! I bought some new workout gear from Gap.com, they have a really great line of clothes for fitness, called Gfit,which I love! and they are constantly having sales (I get emails daily about 25% off, 30% off, etc.) which I wish I could buy more things! I love their tanktops! (See below) and the workout capris! So comfortable! I really suggest buying them! I bought size small in all! 🙂
Since I haven’t been doing much lab work, I don’t have to put gloves on, so my nail polish won’t get ruined! I painted my nails a hot pink color which glows in a blacklight (so cool!) and this pastel purple color that I received in my May Ipsy Glambag! I LOVE this color! and it hasn’t chipped yet! I love it! I will post my review on my May Glambag once I have a chance!

Oh, also, I am selling my MotelRocks dress that I purchased. It seems that return shipping is not free… So I would have to pay 15 bucks! Too much for me.. So I am selling it for 40$, brand new, never been worn, still has tags. All I did was take it out of the package it came in and looked at it and knew it wouldn’t fit. It is such a cute dress! so sad! If you are interested, send me an email at andrea@phdfashionista.com and we can set up paypal payment, or I can list it on ebay.

Anyway, must go finish an assignment for tomorrow and then review my proposal for the exam. It’s going to be a long night 🙁 I promise I will post more soon!!

xoxo Andrea

Motel Rocks dress I am selling for 40$! Email me if you are interested! andrea@phdfashionista.com

My new Gap Gfit workout clothes!


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