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So about a month ago I had a photoshoot with an awesome photographer, Joshua Shelton ( or that I found through a Groupon Deal. I have been wanting to take professional photos for a while, so I thought why not. I looked through his online portfolio and his photos were amazing! He has even shot with Kim Kardashian among other famous people and models! Some of his models are gorgeous! He really does a great job catching the essence of the person and it really shines through in the photographs! This photoshoot was a steal, such great photos!
I drove all the way to downtown LA, where the studio was, it was right across the street from the Staples Center on the day of the Oscars I believe. A lot of the streets were closed but it was really cool being able to have a view of the Staples Center and see the line of people outside as I was doing my photoshoot!
Since I had never had a photoshoot before, I didn’t really know what to do. Josh was great in instructing me how to pose and what to do. I had a lot of fun, and although a lot of my photos were just me being stupid, some of them came out amazing! Here are two of my favorite ones!

I want to eventually try a hand at modeling or acting or something, even though I am too short to ever be a fashion model, I would like to take more professional photos and build a portfolio! AH to live in LA and have a dream of becoming famous…. So many people trying to make it and I have no experience what so ever! (Don’t mind the fact that I am head deep into a PhD program at UCLA that takes up all of my time….). Maybe once I have more time, build a look that I want to market and take some acting classes, I will go to an audition! And now I have headshots to aid in that! One step closer 🙂

I can’t wait to try it again 🙂

If you need some headshots and you are in the LA area, be sure to check out Joshua Shelton Photography, great deal, and AMAZING photos!

xoxo A


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