Shoes shoes shoes!

Ok so I went on a little bit of a shopping spree this weekend and I bought 2 new pairs of shoes… one pair for the gym, and one pair for every day.
A lot of people I know and my friends who go to the gym wear these Nike Free sneakers, and they say they are really comfortable for working out such as running and doing squats/lunges. There is minimal support and gives you a flat fit so you can feel your squats and various workouts in your legs better 🙂
I spotted these cute patterned Nikes, and they were on “sale” for 100 dollars… Worth it! So I ordered them from, and if you join their NikeID, you can get free shipping! Which was great. What wasn’t great was the 9 dollars taxes I paid, thanks California! 🙁
These are the Nike Free TR III in White/Polarized Pink-Black-Atomic Teal 😀
I got an email saying they were shipped today. 😀 can’t wait to try them on and work out!

I walked around Hollywood Blvd yesterday with my boyfriend, and we went to this little mall at the Dolby Theater (where they held the Oscars a few weeks ago! so cool!) and we stopped in Sketchers. I eyed a stand of “sneaker heeled” shoes. Some of the shoes were too flashy for me, high tops in various patterns, spikes, glitter, etc. It was too much for my style, and they looked too teenager-y. Also, a lot of them had the straps, which I was not fond of at all. I really don’t like the look of velcro straps. I found these cute ones though that had a little cut out detailing in addition to just laces, so they looked like high tops with a hidden wedge heel that seemed comfortable to walk in. I tried them on and they were true to size. The only problem was that they only had this Berry-Red color or tan. I didn’t particularly like either color, so I passed. I did some research online on and I found the same shoes but in Black for 50 dollars! Andddddd I found a coupon code for 20% off on the website! Try AAA20 at at checkout to receive 20% off! And I had free shipping as a “Sketchers Elite” member…this is free, you just have to sign up on their site!
Gotta love free shipping!
So I snagged the shoes I wanted in the color I wanted for cheaper than they were at the store!
Happy with my purchases! Can’t wait til they all come in!

OH, also, my GapFit workout pants came in, let me tell you, they are my FAVORITE pants ever!!!! Such a flattering fit, makes my behind look nice, and they are the perfect color! Absolutely love them as they are so comfy! Definitely recommend them for working out! Thinking about ordering another pair!

Anyway, sleep time. Work in the AM.
xoxo A


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