New Jeans time!

So since I need to do laundry, all my usual jeans are in the laundry basket…I went fishing in my closet for another pair of jeans to wear. Lo and behold, I found a lighter wash jegging that I used to LOVE to wear. Why don’t I wear these more often? I thought to myself.
Well, I found out the reason to that later in the day when I went to the bathroom and noticed I had 2 HUGE holes in between my thighs!
I have to admit,  before I started working out regularly and lost some weight in my lower half, my thighs used to rub against eachother all the time, and it sucked. A lot of my jeans developed holes from the material rubbing against itself. Granted, this still happens to me now with my newer jeans, but I think it is more because I wear them almost every day until I decide they are dirty. But enough is enough, I don’t have any more jeans that I can wear because they all have holes and they are not the right cut (I like the jegging-skinny fit more than the boot cut or wide leg!)
So I went over to American Eagle and they had some sales on their jeans!
I bought the Jegging Ankle in Dark acid wash for $34.95, not bad at all! I just realized that it is “ankle” and working in the lab we are not allowed to show any skin on our legs… hmmm this may be a problem, but knowing how short I am and how short my legs are, even though I ordered the “short” size, they will probably be the perfect length (if not longer!)!
American Eagle Jegging Acid Wash jeans (left), and Jegging Bright Light – Super stretch (right).

The thing I like about American eagle jeans is that they carry different lengths, so girls like me with shorter legs can get pants that are relatively shorter without having to go pay to get them hemmed!
I also bought the Jegging Bright Light – Super Stretch for $29.95. I really like the lighter wash. I am hoping they look great in person as well!
I am going off the size that I have for my old jeans, so I am hoping this holds true with these new pairs! I never buy jeans online because I need to try them on, but I am taking a risk and hoping I am right!
Oh, I also used a code to get 15% off, so my total came out to around 25 bucks per pair after shipping! not bad at all! I used the code 27450901.  try it out! hopefully it works for you too!
Can’t wait for my new buys to come in! I’m so excited, hopefully they come soon!

What are your thoughts? What are your favorite brands of jeans? Any suggestions on new brands to try?

xoxo A


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