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Athelta_pants_phdfashionistaThere’s something about working out that makes me feel powerful, strong, and unstoppable. Since the beginning of the year, I decided to take back my health and have been committed to taking care of myself, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Focusing on my health gives me a second to put myself first, in a world that constantly wants you to give. It puts my health as my priority – because if you don’t have your health, what’s the point ? Exercising has also helped me deal with my stress, anxiety and depression. At the beginning of the year I fell back into a negative cycle in my mental health, and regrouping and refocusing my energy has helped a lot. It has made me happier, helped me get through the emotions and hard times, with some great physical side effects 😉  Hey, it is scientifically proven that exercise helps improve mood, helps clear your thoughts, is great for heart health, and so many other benefits that are just a DUH everyone needs to be doing this!

My workouts have mainly focused on weight training and HIIT intervals 6 days a week with Sunday as a rest day – interspersing


high intensity cardio intervals with lifting weights, and I have seen such amazing changes in my body. I am so much stronger from when I started my regular routine back in January, and I feel like my potential is limitless! It’s really easy to fall back into your lazy routine when you are busy with work, and I have had many times

when I just couldn’t find enough time in the day to get everything done and work out, but I have started thinking about my workouts as a required meeting with myself I can’t cancel on. Try it – it works. Focusing on my nutrition and meal prepping ahead of time has also done wonders. I fall into lazy traps where I am just so tired when I get home from work that I don’t feel like cooking, so the groceries I bought (with good intentions to cook during the week!) always go bad – I end up wasting food and money!

As a scientist who also likes being fashionable (and comfy!) while working out, I always love shopping for new workout clothes. A lot of my wardrobe lately has been workout gear as it is something I do daily. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you aren’t, you should!), you would see in my stories that I squeeze in my workouts either before or after work, and I always look cute (at least in my book!).

I was really excited to wear Athleta gear for my workouts lately, as the clothes are made of high quality materials and are so soft! Working out at home versus in the gym has really shaped my perception of what kind of workout gear works for me and what doesn’t – what do I like when working out? Pants that are flexible, soft, and MOVE with my body. I’ve bought workout leggings in the past that are really cute, but are super stiff, which makes it hard to feel comfortable doing certain moves like squats and lunges.


These Athleta Shiva 7/8 Tight leggings felt like soft heaven on my legs – I could sleep in them (but of course that’s not their intended use! :P), and I loved the cut out criss cross lace up pattern on the side. I basically fell in love. And they were super flattering on the glutes and legs – I felt like I could see the definition in my lower body and all my hard work was paying off! The fabric felt really light and breathable, and it also has wicking to pull away sweat and quickly dries – so no uncomfortable sweatiness!  The waistband also has three layers of mesh – it had a slimming effect that I appreciated! lol! Athleta is great on the resourceful/sustainable side – I liked that in 2018, 40% of the fabrics Athelta uses are now made from sustainable fibers – good for the environment makes me happy! – and this also includes some of the swim prints! So wearing this gear not only is comfortable, but empowers me to be the best version of myself!


Athelta_pants_phdfashionista  Athelta_pants_phdfashionista Athelta_pants_phdfashionista   Athelta_pants_phdfashionista


The summer months in Boston are also rather humid – and I HATE feeling stuffy and sweaty in my workout gear, so I love also wearing shorts for my workouts when it’s hotter – especially at the gym where it can

be hot and stuffy. I am always self conscious in shorts, though, as I worry about feeling exposed.

There aren’t many fashionable options for women who have a little more coverage in the gluteus area without having to resort to men’s basketball shorts (and that’s not my style!). I recently have looking for shorts that contain spandex lining/shorts underneath, and I was really excited when I saw Athelta had some, and some really pretty ones at that. They offer full coverage, lining, flattering cuts that move and breathe with you,

Athelta_pants_phdfashionistaand just overall are comfortable compared to other shorts I have tried. These Print Racer Run Shorts are ultra-lightweight, and are made from a Recycled Polyester blend – I LOVE THAT THEY USE RECYCLED materials!!! This is awesome!  The material is also water repellent, so you can use these shorts for any races/runs you might sign up for, and if there is unexpected (or expected!) rainy weather, you won’t feel as soaked!  There’s also a hidden key pocket, and the drawstring is adjustable – some shorts just don’t let you adjust the waistband, which can get annoying!

I also tend to steer clear from clothing that is white (I tend to get everything dirty! haha!) but these were too cute to not get, and they seemed to be rather stain resistant (but I’ll let you know more about that with more wear!). I loved these shorts so much that I also got a pair of black ones, so yea, I really like these shorts! They have them in a lot of different patterns and colors too which is awesome!



Athelta_pants_phdfashionista Athelta_pants_phdfashionistaAthelta_pants_phdfashionista Athelta_pants_phdfashionista  Athelta_pants_phdfashionista

Athelta_pants_phdfashionistaFeeling fashionable and confident in my workout gear helps empower and motivate me to workout even just a little bit harder. It’s always nice to find a new brand that pushes for women’s empowerment while providing clothes that are flattering, sustainable, and comfortable. With a good pair of workout leggings, some trainers (shoes), and a pony tail, a women is unstoppable, and the potential is limitless! That, my friends, is the #PowerofShe!

I am excited to continue my workout program, I am almost done with the first phase of my second round of it – time is flying by – as of writing this post, I am finished day 21/80! So proud of myself and can’t wait to see where I am at at Day 80!!

What are some of your favorite things to do for workouts? And what do you like the wear? Have you tried any of Athleta’s amazingly comfortable leggings???

Let me know in the comments below! Have a great week!



This post is written in collaboration with Athleta (#sponsored), Pants and shorts were gifted for honest review – these opinions are mine and honest – I wouldn’t review something I wasn’t interested in and genuinely care for. 


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  1. September 24, 2018 / 7:46 am

    Great fitness workout gear, you looking fabulous

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