Fall 2017 Fashion Trends for the Lab


Today I’m bringing you some of the newest fashion trends to rock on the runway – errr – I mean lab hallways and conferences. There are so many new fashion trends that are regaining popularity, and I list them below along with some shoppable links!

No one said working in the lab had to be boring. Although I do admit, sometimes I like just going with comfort and not caring how I look. Yet there are also comfortable chic ways to still look fashionable without giving up the comfort factor.

And you all know I’m a huge advocate for attending conferences at any chance you get – not only can you build your network, but you can also finally wear that dress skirt or pair of dress pants you bought and still look fashionable while at it.

Anyway, here are my top Fall 2017 Trend Picks and some pieces you can style:

1. Burgundy/Red/Brown Colors
I’m loving burgundy and red pieces this fall, and also enjoying deep chocolate brown pieces. Earthy tones are so in right now, and they just give the perfect autumn feel. I always love a good burgundy top for fall!  I’m loving deep chocolate/burgundy jeans and pants for the lab – a really easy way to update your lab wardrobe – get new pants! And some pretty flouncy tops, I’m loving the puffy sleeves in red/burgundy/brown!

2. Embroidery/floral prints

Floral prints have been a favorite of mine for some time now, but embroidery floral has really taken off this year! I’m obsessed with it, as its so delicate and special. Definitely adds some extra oomph and adds that romantic flair on a simple piece that can be perfect for those cold fall nights, going from lab to dinner or just home! I’ve seen skirts, tops, leather jackets, all with floral embroidery. There are definitely some pieces you can style for the lab!

3. Velvet

The velvet trend has come back and I’m really liking it. It brings back a vintage 80s/90s feel. I personally like velvet dresses and think they are the more appropriate piece to wear velvet, but dont let that stop you from trying a top or pants (if you dare!). I would pair a shorter dress with some leggings and boom, you can wear to the lab (just be careful if it’s not flame retardant!) if you are just writing, or depending on the type of conference, could pull it off for after conference drinks/social events! I would just bring a cover up or blazer to wear over the shoulders!

4. Wide Belts

I really like wide belts as they help cinch the waist and can give shape to a flowing dress or top. Can be very flattering and a really easy accessory to add to your outfit to really bring everything together! I’ve worn a belt to give shape to a pretty top that might be too big for me.

5. Button up 

The classic button up shirt. Super easy to style, and depending on the situation/event, can definitely style multiple ways. For lab, I would pair with casual jeans or leggings depending on the length of the shirt, or for a conference, with some dress pants, or could even do jeans, depending on the vibe you get for casual vs formal wear. Can always accessorize with some cute earrings, a scarf, or a wide belt as shown above!

6. Midlength skirts

Move over miniskirts – midlength (or midi) skirts are back. I personally like midlength skirts for conferences and interviews as they aren’t as constricting as pants, but still long enough to be respectful and stylish! I definitely recommend investing in a simple black midlength skirt, and it’s rather easy to style with multiple tops and shoes! I wouldn’t recommend a skirt to the lab, unless your lab safety rules are really relaxed – at UCLA we had to have our legs completely covered with no skin showing even on the feet.

7. Boots and Booties

Oh boy am I excited to wear boots this fall! Since living in LA the weather is always rather hot, I never usually get a chance to really wear boots. Since I’ll be moving to Boston soon, I’ll have more excuses to wear boots and booties. I prefer shorter booties as I have shorter legs, and the length isn’t overwhelming on my legs, and for every day in the lab a shorter heel or no heel at all works best!

What do you think about these fashion trends? Are there any other trends on the runway that you prefer that I didn’t mention here? Or are there any suggestions you have for styling the various trends I discussed? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. September 12, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    I agree with you, dear Andrea, that working at the lab doesn’t need to be with boring clothes! I love burgundy and I love all you showed – velvet, embroidery, booties! I will interview someone important for my phd and I will wear black booties, and I thought of that when I saw the pictures here 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week!

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