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Hey loves!
A lot has happened since my last post – I’m still alive, just been super busy juggling the beast that is PhD!
I have a few posts lined up for the next few weeks, but just wanted to update!
I have interviewed and been offered/accepted a post doc position at a company, and I couldn’t be more excited! But that means I have to move across the country, to Boston to be exact. It is a huge change, and it means long distance relationship for some time… but it is doable, and I know everything will be ok. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and crying, and I had to go with my heart.
I’ve also set a date for my dissertation defense, June 8, so the count down is on! I have started making figures for my final chapter of my dissertation, and the rest of the dissertation is written – so I am just at the last stretch!
In order to combat stress, I have been really focusing on working out. Since the first of the year, I have done back to back programs, starting with a cardio kickboxing/MMA style program, and then followed that with a 60 day program of Insanity Max 30, a high intensity interval training program. I saw amazing results with this, and even though I didn’t lose weight on the scale, I overall lost 3 inches, and gained so much endurance. I started the first week severely doubting myself and doubting I could do 60 days of this — but I still pushed thru, and found that by month two, I was pushing myself even harder and actually excited to do my workouts! It was such a great feeling!
Here are my results photos from my fitness instagram account (@labcoatsandlegday)

Here are my #transformationtuesday results from day 1 (left) to day 60 (right) of IM30! 60 days of high Intensity insanity workouts that are only 30 min, ccpc meal plan, daily superfoods, checking in with my ladies, and working on my self! I lost 2.5 – 3 inches, endurance thru the roof (I maxed out in a few of the workouts during week 7 of 8!) , I feel so much stronger! And my weight stayed the same – I’m floating between 152-155. I’ve Been eating at 1500-1800 range, and I haven’t been absolutely consistent the whole time but it’s payed off when I have! Butt feels tighter and lifted, my thighs have slimmed down and they are my insecurity spot, hips and tummy down, and arms and shoulders feel stronger, oh and have definition in my calves! I also did doubles these last two weeks for An extra challenge! Trying to decide what to do next, I want to channel my inner badass and do max out month and a lifting program! I overcame a lot of obstacles, mainly at the beginning where I started the first week of videos and almost quit, told myself this wasn’t the workout for me, it was too tough. Well, 60 days later I smashed it!! And I’m going to continue working on progress instead of falling off like I usually do after finishing a program. I’m traveling the rest of this week so my schedule will be a little off, but I will be picking workouts to do on my on demand on my iPad or phone. And then starting a regular schedule on Monday! Please join me if you are in the Us or Ca and not working with a coach! Let’s get results for summer! I can’t believe it’s the end of march! Send me a message or fill out form in my bio!

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On April 6 I started another round of Month 2 and started doing doubles with power lifting program on my On Demand, and it was great…for a week. The second week I struggled HARD. I burnt myself out with the double intense workouts and just overworking my body. I decided instead of doing IM30 again, I would do the power lifting and replace the hiit cardio with another form of cardio that was more fun – to get me out of the rut, and maybe I can go back to it later in my calendar. I made this hybrid calendar myself by fusing two workout calendars from the on demand! Lucky for me I have the All-Access Pass, which means I have access to ALL of the workout programs available from Beachbody – so when I am bored of a workout, I can easily select another workout to do, and I have NO excuses.  It is literally the Netflix of workouts.

I have been struggling with bloat also too – since I started working out regularly and eating healthy, I have found and narrowed down a list of foods that bother my stomach – it has been rather interesting.  I have found that I am lactose intolerant to a certain degree (some things like greek yogurt and some aged cheeses are ok – but cream, half and half, cream based sauces, certain creamy cheeses are a total NO-go!). I also can’t splurge on crappy food like I used to. Eating processed foods, sugary, cookies, chips, greasy things, fast food – all leave my digestion in disarray, and throw me off my regular schedule, if you catch my drift. This past week has been an example of that – I hadn’t eaten many veggies or my usual foods, so I have been SO SO bloated this past week! I felt like I ruined all my hard work from my workouts because my nutrition has been so off, making me feel bad about myself. You are what you eat!!

I am starting another accountability group on May 1, starting with a new program to do to shake it up. I feel like I hit a plateau with my results, especially because I wasn’t following the meal plan to a t. I am hoping that having some new accountability buddies will really keep me on better track!

I also wanted to let my readers know about an amazing deal – the All-Access Pass is now on sale, 20% off for the month of April, and you can get a whole year’s worth of access to all of the programs, 30 day supply of yummy superfoods, access to all meal plans, color coded portion control containers, and accountability/coaching for a whole year to hit your goals! If you are interested and ready to lose 5-10 pounds by June, send me an email (labcoatsandlegday @ gmail. com), or fill out my form (HERE) and I can help you get started! (Currently limited to US and CA only, sorry :'( )  I am giving a special gift to the first 3 ladies to join my group by the end of the month! 

If you are ready to just jump right in, purchase the All-Access Pass Challenge pack HERE and I will send you the group enrollment details as soon as I see your order process! 🙂 

Are you still telling yourself next week? Next month? Next time? You’ll start fresh ? Get fit and get your goals accomplished? Did you realize that the time is flying by anyway and we are passed the halfway point for April? I cannot believe we are almost into May! I have less than two months til I’m done my Phd and as you’ve seen I’m on a mission to get #phitforphd. The annual all access pass for Beachbody on demand, the Netflix of workouts, is on sale for April only, so you are getting an amazing deal of streaming workouts on your tv/phone/computer/device, 30 days of superfoods, meal plans, color coded portion control containers, and access to coaching and accountability group for a year! Give me your best excuse for why you can’t lose that last 10 pounds, or feel good in your skin. Tell me how you don’t have enough time, and I’ll give you a 22 min workout program. Tell me how eating healthy is expensive, and I’ll show you how to eat on a grad student budget. Don’t wait to get started – my accountability group starts May 1, and there’s still time to get fit for summer.

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I realized that time is flying by anyway… each day that goes by, we get older by another day, and wishing for improvement or doing something later later later – the time goes by and we are left wishing instead of doing. The time is going to pass anyway – why not do something to change your health? I have realized that working out and being healthy now is a PREVENTATIVE for sickness later. So many Americans struggle with health issues and obesity, and a lot of the health issues that arise are due to lack of nutrition, exercise, and awareness.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to share what has really been helping me deal with the stress and anxiety of my final months of my PhD – I highly recommend a workout if you feel tense or anxious – get the endorphins flowing and easily sooth away your worries!

Let me know how you deal with stress and anxiety! Do you work out to help out with those feelings?

I look forward to hearing from you!



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