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Hello lovely people!
I can’t believe how fast time is flying.
I have been super busy with lab trying to finish up my projects so I can defend my dissertation, but I had to redo a lot of experiments and I can’t believe it’s already November! This year flew by! I was hoping to be done by December but still have so much to do… but hopefully I will be done by this coming Spring quarter the latest!
In the Spring I have 2 different weddings coming up, friends getting married, and then in September my cousin is getting married in Cyprus also. So next year I have a total of 3 weddings to attend, one of which I will be a bridesmaid.
When I went home for another wedding this past September, we went dress shopping with my friend Angela, the bride, and we tried on various styles of dresses, various colors, and we decided on a palette of light purple/lilac colors and chiffon style dresses. It was a tough choice because there were a LOT of dresses to choose from, every girl had a different body type, whatever it was, you name it!
And then you look at the prices… As a grad student on a budget, I reallyyyyyy didn’t want to (nor did I have the funds to) drop 200$ on a dress I will wear once at a wedding! When you are living on a grad student budget where your rent is 65% of your stipend, every single dollar matters!

So upon looking online for some discount codes or similar style dresses for cheaper, I came across, and I was amazed that I found a wide selection of dresses at really good prices.
They have a lot of cheap prom dresses UK as well as a lot of evening dresses UK, all that looked really nice and great quality. I remember being in high school and looking for prom dresses, wish they had these styles while I was younger! The evening dresses is a nice selection of long and short formal dresses, perfect for a party or formal event, and doesn’t break the bank! There is also a huge variety of colors to choose from, in addition to different necklines and lengths!

So the style that my friend decided for her bridesmaids was a lace floral fitted top with a chiffon bottom in a light lilac color, and I found this A-line Bateau Floor-length chiffon lace bridesmaid dress on the Edressuk site that you can find, and it is about half the price of the dress my friend wanted us to buy at the store, literally! The lace is slightly different floral pattern but it is almost the same dress!

A-line Bateau Floor-length Chiffon Lace Bridesmaid Dresses Long A-line Bateau Floor-length Chiffon Lace Bridesmaid Dresses Long

Like I mentioned before, there is also a way to choose from different necklines and length of dresses! I really like this feature because you can all choose the same color but choose a dress neckline that will be more flattering for your body type, while staying consistent with the fabric choices, length, and color! I really liked this dark blue color of this A-line Scoop Short/Mini Chiffon dress (which you can find), and really loved the chiffon style. Which neckline is your favorite? I really like neckline A, D, E, and F! Let me know in the comments below!

A-line Scoop Short/Mini Chiffon 2016 Bridesmaid Dresses Short

And if you are a bride to be, they also have a selection of wedding dresses that look absolutely stunning, at great prices, like this A-line Scoop Sweep/Brush Train Satin wedding dress. This dress is only 129.00! I was stunned, because typically wedding dresses go for thousands of dollars! I would be so interested in seeing what the dress looks like in person, but based on these photos, it looks so beautiful!! I love the lace detail with the bodice, this looks like a dress I would go for if I was getting married!! I’m not sure if my cousin who is getting married has found her dress yet, I will have to refer her to this site to check it out! 

A-line Scoop Sweep/Brush Train Satin Long sleeves wedding dresses #SP8066

What are your thoughts on these dresses?
I love all of them, and love that they have a good price that fits my budget (even the wedding dress!). I have been trying to pick up extra hours here and there doing some research workshops so I can make some extra cash, but now that I think of it, I can spend less money if I do some of my own shopping… hmm….

What are your thoughts of these dresses? Have you been a bridesmaid at a wedding and had to buy an expensive dress?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!




  1. November 2, 2016 / 8:12 pm

    Oh, dear Andrea, I hope you are done by December, still 28 days to go! I hope you have all your experiments done by then, and you can defend your thesis! And what for a great thing, to be a bridesmaid! And a cousin's wedding in Cyprus, such a great place! I love lace and I loved the dresses you showed, nice color, nice style and cut, very elegant and sophisticated! Yes, it's nearly the end of the year… who could have thought? But next year we will talk about the same thing again 🙂 Time flies! Hope you have a very nice day, dear Andrea, hugs!

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