Six Summer Beauty Travel Essentials

Happy middle of the week/almost the weekend!
As the weekend gets closer I’m getting more and more anxious about my trip! I finally settled into my new apartment, finally got rid of boxes and unpacked everything, and finally got into a routine for my commute to work, and now I’m getting ready to jet set off to Europe for the next three weeks! I have already talked about this but I am going to a conference in Barcelona, and I finished my poster for my presentation tonight, going to go print it tomorrow on fabric (yes they print on fabric so no more carrying huge poster tubes in the airport!), and just wrapping up experiments in lab. Time to start packing for the next few weeks of SUN and RELAXATION!! Something I have been lacking the last few weeks.

Summer Beauty Travel Essentials

Summer Beauty Travel Essentials by andreah227 

I have come to a realization – why stress? I try to put things in perspective by thinking, in a year from now, will it make a difference if you ran this certain experiment or stayed super late to finish this one thing? Or even, thinking about how everything that needs to get done will end up getting done, so it is not really worth stressing out about. I am always on top of my things and stay organized!

In preparation to start packing (note how I said START packing…I am a serial packing procrastinator!),  I have created a list for Six Summer Beauty Travel Essentials. I try not to pack too much makeup when I travel (I have a LOT of makeup!), so I try to fit everything on one or two little makeup bags (1), so I travel light on that aspect. I always end up packing too many clothes, so that will be my challenge. Since I need to pack professional clothes for a conference, I am trying to plan outfits with pieces that can do double the work – professional and change up accessories to wear out or for other occasions. Check it out and let me know if there is anything here that is an essential that you think is missing!

(1) Cute makeup bag to hold everything – In order to pack light, I am limiting myself to two small makeup bags. I have accumulated a lot of little makeup bags thru my Ipsy subscription, so I have a lot of different designs to choose from! Ipsy sends a lot of really cute and different bags each month. Or you can even use plastic baggies, but makeup bags always are a great way to go!

(2) Skin – Instead of packing a foundation, a primer, etc., I am going light and only bringing my Smashbox CC cream and my Smashbox Contour kit/palette. The CC cream blends really well with my skin and is light, and the contour kit can be used for a glam touch for going out or even for a polished conference look!

(3) Eye makeup – I talk about these products all the time on my blog, but I can’t get enough of them! I have a small travel sized Primer potion by Urban Decay (fits nice and easy into your makeup bag!) and it lasts forever! I then am going to pack one or two palettes – The Vice3 palette I have done makeup series with is perfect for this because of the amounts of looks you can create, and also my Naked3 palette – to create some professional smokey eye looks!

(4) Mascara and liquid liner – Again – my favorite products that I use in all my tutorials – the Maybelline Line stiletto Liquid liner and my Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – that I had been saving for going out makeup looks, but why not use it while I’m on vacation!

(5) Lips – Lipstick/lip gloss/chapstick – Last but not least on the face – lips! I love the pigmentation of the Urban Decay lip products – I have 2 of the Revolution Lipstick and they are super rich – and I have been getting back into the lipglosses! These little chapstick pods are also all the rage lately – I have one in my purse and its just so easy to find in my bag and use! It is easily applied to your lips!

(6) Random important things – Some random things that are important to bring along – small nailpolish to touch up your nails (and since I will be busy running around I wont have time to paint my nails multiple colors. I LOVE this Essie nail polish in shade “watermelon,” its the only thing I put on my toes because its easy. Makeup remover pads – this is great to have because you don’t need to lug around a liquid makeup remover bottle and cotton pads. I just buy a little packet of these from target, using the target brand is really cheap, and usually you get about 25 in the pack, more than enough for 3 weeks, assuming you remove your makeup once a day. AND you dont have to worry about declaring liquids if you end up putting this in your carryon! Deodorant – a travel sized one is perfect for just throwing in your bag for on the go! 

What do you think about this list? Is there anything I missed? Do let me know about your essentials in the comments below.

Also, be sure to check out my previous post on a complete Conference Packing List that I will be using for this trip to make sure I don’t forget anything! 




  1. July 16, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    I think you are a great planner and packer! I knew about the fabric poster because my brother does, too (also a Phd) and it is much better now, so, well done! I am looking forward to knowing how your conference and trip was! I think the CC cream is great, so much practical and the skin pads too – I will remember that next time! Lipsticks and so on I tend to look for local brands where I am, and that way I found great Polish lipsticks! I am glad you finished unpacking! I hope you have an amazing day, dear Andrea, I am really sending good vibes for vacations!

  2. July 19, 2015 / 9:45 pm

    hi!! first, congrats on the new flat and I can imagine you are longing for some sun and relaxing.. you always seem to be so busy LOL I love to plan for trips but admit I always end up bringing way to much makeup and wardrobe.. but I strongly beleive in getting all the basics, we seem to overlook them when packing and they are definitly equal as important 😉 good luck at the conference Andrea!

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

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