Bostonian Spring Fashion – Finally Winter is GONE!

At the risk of jinxing the weather, I’m going to say it – just say it – SPRING IS HERE! WINTER IS GONE, FINALLY!

This Massachusetts girl-turned-Californian-returned to Massachusetts is ecstatic the weather is finally getting nice! Took it long enough! I have been looking forward to the days of nice weather, spring blooms, and sunshine!

It’s been a long and gloomy winter – with cold weather and snow storms dragging on into late March-early April – but I got thru my first Winter back on the East Coast! What was most shocking to me though, was the change in my mood due to the gloomy weather and lack of sunshine. There were a lot of personal factors that played into this, but I found myself frequently down and depressed, and I think a factor that contributed was the lack of sunshine, or, lack of Vitamin D.

PhD Fashionista Spring Fashion

Did you know that your body takes in Vitamin D from different sources? Ultraviolet B rays from the sunlight is a large source of Vitamin D, as well as foods like Salmon and other types of fish; milk is usually fortified with Vitamin D and other products like bread, juices, and dairy products can also have Vitamin D! Vitamin D is also necessary for strong bones as it helps the body use calcium from the diet. Now, severe Vitamin D deficiency leads to several physical health risks, including osteoarthritis, rickets, bone softening, etc. – but there are some studies that have linked depression to low vitamin D levels, and some studies have shown Vitamin D receptors were found in the brain in the same part associated with Depression.

For me, it could have also been a mental thing – lack of daily sunshine like I was having in Los Angeles really had an effect on my mood. I started taking some Vitamin D supplements and trying tp spend time in sunshine when it is nice out, as well as turning on the lights in the morning even if I don’t need them, to fully wake myself up and help snap myself out of a funk/mood.

PhD Fashionista Spring FashionPhD Fashionista Spring Fashion Now that the weather is nicer, the sun is out more – and I have felt a shift in my mood for sure! Again, I know lack of sunshine wasn’t the sole contributor to my lack of up-beat mood, but it definitely didn’t help! We had a week or two of nonstop rain storms, and then like magic, green things started coming from the ground and on the branches of trees – what was it? Is it — could it — be SPRING?! SO. MANY. FLOWERS. AND. BLOOMS. It’s been so so beautiful photographing all of the beautiful flowers and trees blooming right now! and my apartment is in the heart of it all!PhD Fashionista Spring Fashion PhD Fashionista Spring Fashion PhD Fashionista Spring Fashion PhD Fashionista Spring Fashion

As far as outfits – I can now wear my spring time clothing! I have opted for more blouses, like this floral one from Express – how perfect, and some leggings. This is my usual lab uniform, comfy leggings to run around in all day, with a cute blouse. At my current work, I have switched the leggings for comfortable Jeggings – jeans that have extra stretch so they feel like leggings. My favorite pair is currently from American Eagle! And covered up with a light jacket and you are ready to hit the sidewalk for your morning/evening walk to/from work!

What’s your go to outfit for work especially now that we are officially in May (How is it possible?!?!?) and the weather is getting even better and  better?? Floral seems to be a great go-to, and never goes out of style season by season!

Here are some similar pieces I’m currently loving on Amazon! (Affiliate links, no cost to you!)

Is it finally spring time where you live?

Let me know in the comments xx



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  1. July 13, 2018 / 1:15 am

    Adorable styles! You are looking so cute. I am working on some new outfit ideas and I got some great ideas from your article. Thanks and keep sharing.

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