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Stress has caused my skin to break out badly, lots of redness and fine lines… I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin, especially as I get older. I went to Sephora and bought some new cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but I’ve been bad at implementing a new regimen cuz #lazy. I’ve noticed I have to use more cover up lately especially when I shoot for the blog.

I was sent these new products from @nipandfab to try and I’ve tested them out for better and picture perfect images. I was mostly intrigued by the name of each product, and was super interested in reading about the science behind how it works! 

Viper Venom Micro blur fix primes, mattifies the pores, and “blurs” the skin for that perfect selfie. I’ve used disappearing pore products before and this was a cool product to test out. It contains a few interesting ingredients – one to reduce the visibility of the pores, some enhancing polymers to reduce excess oil and mattify the skin, and the most interesting ingredient – Syn-ake, an ingredient to smooth skins surface and reduce lines. 

What is syn-ake? And what a clever name – it’s a synthetic peptide from viper venom, and acts like Botox, temporarily reducing muscle contractions and cell movement to smooth lines. Snake venom causes muscle paralysis, so a synthetic derivative was created to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles to prevent formation of new lines and wrinkles and smooth out current ones. It was perfectly formulated and added to the #Nipandfab products for the perfect finish. 

The blurring shot serum contains a more concentrated amount of Syn-ake so only two drops are needed for a smoothing and retouched finish!

And lastly, I was also sent the Glycolic Fix Mask, which contains 5% glycolic acid, which can smooth away lines and wrinkles and also reducing the size of pores. How does it work? Reacts with top layer of skin and exfoliates – removes dead skin cells, and dissolved sebum and other things that bind to dead cells. I’m really excited to see the effects of using this mask once a week! I will have to post a before and after soon! 

All of these products can be found at Ulta Beauty store or CVS pharmacy – always good when you can find it at the drug store, as I rarely make my way to an Ulta – they aren’t as frequently found at the malls I go to, so CVS is great!

Have you tried these or similar products before? Let me know in the comments!


* I was sent these products by Nip and Fab to test and review, but post is 100% my own! #sponsored


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