A little preview…

So today I ventured to downtown LA to meet up with a photographer for head shots! It was crazy because the Grammys happened to be the same time at the Staples Center, and the studio was right across from there! It was so cool! So many limos, and people looking all important… haha
I was super excited to take pictures but overwhelmed at the same time! I’m no model! I have no idea how to work the camera! Here’s a little preview of a very non-professional pic I took of myself with my iphone while I waited in between looks! haha!
The next two pictures are of the beautiful sunset in Santa Monica tonight! It was amazing! I really need to invest in a nicer camera, to really capture the beauty. May I add there are no filters on these pics! 🙂
Anyway, more about this when I get my pictures soon! 🙂
xoxo Andrea


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