Going gaga!!

OMG best long weekend ever. and by long weekend I mean I still went in to work on Monday, even though here in the US it is considered a holiday. On Saturday I spent it with the boy, going for a swim in the pool and hot tub, and then heading to the beach in Santa Monica (see sunset below!). Sunday I went for a hike near Malibu, check out my cool “quad stretch” pic at the top of the overlook! It was an amazing view, after a 7 mile hike! We went to the Los Leones trail!

Sunday night I took a party bus to a trendy little lounge in Hollywood called the Sayers Club. I tried on so many of my dresses. I was originally going to wear this red with black motel dress, but decided to go with a black dress from Topshop. I realized I wanted to wear my pink spike heels I got from Bakers during winter break, and I didn’t have anything else that matched! So I wore the black dress, and curled my hair with the PYT styling tool. I got so many complements on my hair and my shoes! people loved my outfit. I had so much fun Sunday night!!

And lastly, Monday night, after working, I went to see Lady Gaga at the Staples Center in LA! It was amazing!! I didn’t really plan an outfit well, I should have gone with something more extreme..but this was enough for getting ready 30 minutes before! I used to be obsessed with Lady Gaga and now I was finally able to see her live! I wore this older color block skirt by Motel! matched with a black tank top! and I added some bright eyeshadow!


How was your weekend?!

xoxo A


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