Motel credit!!!

So I was finally able to pick up my motel packages that came in the mail. and I AM IN LOVE! These dresses/playsuits are amazing!

The one on the left, the playsuit in the butterfly print, is just so comfortable and cute! lengthens my legs!

The Jolene dress in gothic placement is probably my favorite! It just fits so well! and the print is to die for! I paired it with leggings and boots to wear to work! I got many complements on it! And lastly, the off the shoulder dress in the floral print. I originally ordered a different print and was sent this print. I was told to send it back but it will just take forever. I still really like it and it looks good!

I also bought some new sneakers for the gym! Asics with some more support soles for me knee! Pair with my VSX sports bra (I said it before but I’ll say it again, so comfy!) and I bought a 15 lb weight to start doing weight work at home!

OH YEA. My motel credit was also finally credited to my account!

AND THEN! I won the Street Teamers Across the World Task for the Motel Rocks street team! So I won an extra 10 pounds credit! Looks like I will be having a shopping spree soon! So excited that my hard work is finally paying off!!

There is also currently a sale going on on, check it out, there are some amazing deals! You can’t use my code on items in the sale, but take a look around. If you fancy anything in the new arrivals or regularly priced items, use my code “andreah227” for 20% off!

Ah I’m so tired, and I have to go do some reading. Post again later!

I <3 MOTEL!!!!




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