Happy Wednesday!

Ok, so I realized that the dresses that I posted about yesterday are the ones that I actually posted about a couple of posts ago saying that I really liked them! haha what a coincidence.

Also, I received this little package in the mail…ohhh what goodies??

I finally received my Olympic Tasks gift! The union Jack pastel Zena dress!! I love it! and a lollipop and some cards to give out!! I will definitely post a pic when I wear this!

I got some chinese food yesterday for lunch and thought it was funny when I received a fortune like this: 

Haha, hilarious!!!

This past weekend I also went to the LA Greek festival in Downtown LA… It was rather fun! I volunteered in the Wine Tasting booth, I got to learn more about different types of wine. There was music, pastries, food, and a live singer, Thanos Petrelis, who is really famous in Greece. It was awesome. I spotted this funny shirt… I should’ve bought one like it, hahaha

Anyway, that’s all for now, I cant wait for my goodies from yesterday to come in!

Must get ready for work!



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