Back from a mini vaca!

So I had a mini vacation to San Francisco this past weekend! It was rather nice and relaxing I gotta say!

I will be jetting off to Hawaii in about a week and a half as well! SO EXCITED!!! Will be promoting my motel rocks code over there as well!
I was able to post some of my stickers around San Francisco! Hopefully my code gets used! lol

Think it’s rather cool that the golden gate bridge is in the background!!
We were able to bike across the golden gate bridge, it was so amazing and definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Here is a pic of me with my boyfriend on the bridge!

I also felt rather stylish one of the days, where I wore a royal blue High-low dress with flats. It was a little cold tho so I wore my hollister hoodie.
What a view!

AH so apparently at motel rocks they have a lot of new student tasks… I am going to try to participate but we’ll see I guess how successful i am…
I still have not received my goodie pack nor have I received my prize from the olympic tasks….. 🙁 Hopefully soon?? The mail is really slow!
Get to shopping and use my code please! “andreah227” for 20% off at!
Anyway, Quick post right now about this new site,, cute clothes, join now to get 50% off your order!
OH! also, if you haven’t already noticed my hair, I have now gotten ombre highlights!!
Seen here in another pic from this weekend in San Francisco! Wearing my Motel Rocks black and white peplum top (My absolute fav!!!)

At first I was a little worried about it being too blonde, but I am slowly getting used to it and really like it! I can’t wait to style it before I go out sometime and see how it looks! what do you think???

Have to get ready for work…more later!


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