I got bored with my hair last night as it is super long… I am getting highlights and a cut next Wednesday.. So I decided to curl my hair and when I woke up in the morning it looked just like it had before I went to bed (power of hairspray– I use Suave extreme hold, in an aerosol can).
Well anyway, here is a picture of me bored in lab (note the blue lab coat and the goggles on top of my head..) true grad student..
I worked until 9pm tonight.. I had to take my boyfriend to the airport and let me tell you, traffic in Los angeles sucks. I got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. For a drive that should only take 20 minutes. It was ok though because I was blasting music in the hot little Audi I had rented from zipcar.
But I was super stressed because I had a lot of work to do in lab.
Anyway, I should go to bed. More posts tomorrow. Follow and I’ll follow back, lovelies!

PS. omg ! look at those circles under my eyes!! from being too tired? How do I get rid of them?? anyone have any remedies or advice? Probably just need to get more sleep.

I think the goggles add a nice touch, no? hahah


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